Best Cell Phone Cases 2020

Phone cases are not just made to make your phone fancier but also provides protection to your device. Accidental drops and bumps are normal scenarios especially when we are not aware. I had reviewed some of the best phone cases and I found manufacturers that exclusively manufacture unique and durable best cell phone cases this 2020. One of which is Tech21 which not just offer customizable phone cases but phone cases that are made to last.

best cell phone cases 2020

I am not fond of phone cases until one day my premium phone which I took care for 2 years was accidentally dropped. The screen was not broken with no cracks at all but due to the impact the internal components were damaged and turned the screen to purple, then turned it to black.

My fault was I used the ordinary phone case. I thought that since my smartphone is covered with gorilla glass on the front and even at the back, there would be no problem even if my phone encounters accidental drop or impact. Of course, based from my personal experience that was proven to be wrong. Not because your high-end phone is covered with the most unbreakable screen, it does not mean that you can drop it anytime without worrying about being damaged.

Phone cases have come a long way from becoming a fancier case to becoming into must-have protective case for your device. Tech21 has taken their phone cases to the next level. Their smartphone cases ranges from anti-microbial to environment-friendly smartphone cases. Not to mention drop-tested phone cases.


The Best Cell Phone Cases

1. Phone Cases That Are Built-to-Last

One of the major reasons why we buy phone case is to protect our device. Of course, we want our phone case to protect our phone from scratches or being broken from accidental drop. Sometimes we opted buying those thick cases which does not really absorb the impact.

As mentioned earlier, my premium phone that is covered with Gorilla glass on the front and back did not show any signs of crack or scratch after multiple accidental drops. However, the internal components were broken turning my screen into purple until nothing is left on the screen to view.

I worked as an engineer for new products and before we started shipping products by air or by sea we conduct drop test. One reason why drop test is conducted is to know whether the packaging can withstand any impact without damaging the product inside. This is the same principle that Tech21 has been used for its product.

built to last phone case

It is important that your cell phone case not just protect your phone’s exterior but a phone case which can absorb or withstand direct impact is now a must-have especially if you own these expensive and latest smartphones such as the Galaxy S20 or iPhone 11. Of course, you wouldn’t want your new smart phone to be damaged that easily after breaking a bank. Click HERE to check available phone cases for your device.

Check out these available phone cases for iPhone 11 and Galaxy S20.


2. Phone Cases That Eco-friendly

You heard it right. When we talk about cell phone cases, the first thing wold come to mind is plastic. Yes, plastic has been widely used in almost any products especially in packaging since it is cheaper, easy to manufacture, and lighter. We are all aware how plastic is polluting and damaging our planet. That is why environment-concerned people and even governments are doing their best to reduce plastic wastes. Well, phone cases are mostly made from plastic which contributes to rising plastic wastes.

What if you can help save the environment by your phone case? Sounds crazy but it now possible with plant-based material-made phone cases of Tech21. Imagine doing your share to protect planet earth with your phone case. Since these phone cases are plant-based they are more bio-degradable than plastics and not to mention the material sustainability.

environment-friendly phone case

Naturally plants are not as strong as plastics but with the application of science, it is now possible by mixing both or using alternative. Yes, it is not yet 100% plant-based but this initiative is the start of a healthier environment! Click HERE to check available phone cases for your smartphone’s model.

Check out these plant-based phone cases for iPhone 11 and phone cases for Galaxy S20.


3. Phone Cases That Are Anti-Microbial

With the current pandemic the world is facing right now, we realized how important sanitation, disinfection, and proper hygiene to prevent the spread of germs. We almost turned paranoid thinking that everything we could touch could infect us. Well, that is fact, even our phone cases of course.

I read an article about smartphone being dirtier than your toilet bowl. Considering our current lifestyle where you often bring your phone with you wherever you go (including going to the toilet) and whatever you do, it is literally possible that your phone catches all those microbes and thrive on its surface.

I would assume with our pandemic experience, we would want anything be sanitized including your phone. Phone sanitizer can help do the phone sanitation but having your phone being sanitized without the need for a separate device is more preferred. Isn’t it convenient if your phone case can do the cleaning job for you for 24 hours?

There are phone cases in the market which are coated with anti-bacterial protection but Tech21 anti-microbial capability is not coated but embedded in the case which does not wear off. This just makes sure that your phone is always clean anytime as long as the case is intact. Click HERE to check available phone cases for your smartphone’s model.

Check out these anti-microbial phone cases for iPhone 11  and collections for Galaxy S20.

anti-bacterial phone cases

What sets Tech21 phone cases above from other phone case manufacturers is the patented technologies they used in manufacturing their smartphone cases. They don’t just manufacture phone cases but they invent. Aside from the 3 major features mentioned above, Tech21 phone cases used “FlexShock” which absorbs the impact from accidental drop preventing your phone from being damaged internally even for their thin phone cases.

Moreover, clear phone cases used “BioShield” which also withstand impact just like the “FlexShock” but is 40% plant-based making the phone case environment-friendly. One thing that is visible after using your phone case over time, the case tends to discolor, turning a crystal-clear case into yellowish. This is due to the sun rays so Tech21 has developed their products to be UV-resistant to preserve the original new-look of the case.

Dan Sicat


  1. hey Dan,

    I must say you did quite an amazing job putting of this article on the best cell phone cases for 2020.. cell phone cases do go a long way to protecting our mobile phones from damages they don’t just beautify them physically but go a long way to preserving them…quite amazing said of cell phone cases you’ve got here I look forward to getting few for my phone….

    thanks once again for sharing such an insightful post

    • I am just amazed how phone case manufacturers are inventing their products. The anti-microbial phone case is just timely for the current pandemic. 

  2. Hey nice article you have there. I must say this inovation especially the microbial phone case is as timely as ever. With this inovative one will ensure that his/her phone is secured from bacteria that could be deadly. Nevertheless, I would love to have it, but I don’t know if it is available for my phone model (Samsung). Will be very pleased to hear from you. Warm Regards

    • Yes, there are phone cases made for Samsung. You just need to select your phone Brand and model once you entered in their website. 

  3. Hello there thanks for the review, it was really helpful I must say. Phone cases are  protective accessories for phones. Although they may tend to hide the original beauty of the phone I think they are worth having considering the fact they protect the phone in a way.  There are different types of phone cases depending on what what you want. If you want your phone to actually last long then you should go for cases that are in that category.

    • I was not also fond of phone cases before. But everything changed when my premium phone was internally damaged due to multiple drops. 

  4. Im so glad to stumble upon your site. My cellphone case(Otterbox) has definitely saved it from major damage many times over. I’m actually surprised that my phone still works. However, I was surprised to learn that there was such a thing as a cellphone sanitizer. That’s super amazing! What’s more amazing is the price as I was expecting it to cost a lot more. I will check it out. Thanks!


    • Yes, there is a cell phone sanitizer. However, if you want 24 hours sanitation of your device you can try Tech21 anti-microbial phone cases. The anti-bacterial technology is already embedded in the phone case.

  5. Dan, you are speaking to me. I have always been buying cheaper phone cases and, it doesn’t work out for me int he long run. Very soon, the edges look work and they can’t stand a little shock. I like the suggestion of elegant, durable cases. Add that to anti-microbial and I am sure I can find one with a nice colour and attractive features. Thank you for the information.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience about cell phone cases. Personally I am not fond of these phone accessories because I want my phone to be bare but based on my experience they are must-have protective case. Of course, you need to choose the best one which can really protect your device.

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