Best Phone Accessories in 2020, Top 10 Must-Have Accessories

2020 will be an exciting year, especially for people who are keen about technology in smartphones. Last year there were many high-tech developments that were incorporated in smartphones that we never thought would be possible few years back. Major players has been transforming their devices into bezel-less curved screens, equipped with multiple powerful cameras, and powerful processors. In line with this development, we had seen introduction of best phone accessories matching these developments in smartphones.


best phone accessories in 2020


This 2020 we are expecting more technology to be embedded in our devices. This 2019, we witnessed the foldable phone of Samsung and Huawei and Apple is also developing its own flagship to counter Samsung’s newest model. Moreover, the 5th generation mobile internet connectivity or 5G has been introduced this year despite of the controversies it is facing.

So what are the best phone accessories this 2020? Join me to the rest of this article.

1. Wireless Charger

First off, is the wireless charger. Wireless charging compatibility has been a standard spec for latest smartphones since last year. This year we will see wireless technology be expanded more not only in smartphones but even in other gadgets and most accessories for smartphones are manufactured to support wireless charging.

Meanwhile, wired charging will not go anywhere yet since USB-C is also foreseen to be the standard USB type for all smartphones including replacing Apple’s lightning port. Nonetheless, smartphones will be equipped with dual-charging function, compatible with wireless charging and wired charging.

Wireless chargers can be seen as a charging pad, a charging stand, or even a battery case. There are dual-function wireless chargers that can store power of their own and act as a powerbank at the same time that can charge your device. We can even find car mounts that support wireless charging or even smartphone gimbal stabilizers.

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2. Wireless Bluetooth Earphones or Headphones

Everything has becoming wireless and Bluetooth technology is not new to this. Almost all smartphones now are equipped with Bluetooth technology (except for Apples devices) which is commonly used for file transfer, although there are now mobile apps which allow you to transfer files faster without using the Bluetooth and without using the internet.

Bluetooth is also used to connect phone accessories in wireless mode to your mobile phone. Through pairing, you can transfer and receive data from your smartphone to the accessory and vice versa. Some of these accessories which utilize this technology are the Bluetooth earphones and headphones which are available in bigger headphones and smaller earbuds. Sooner or later, wired earphones will be gone for good but as long as smartphone manufacturers do not remove the earphone jack or make the USB-C to function as a jack, we still see wired earphones in 2020.

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3. Bluetooth Speakers

Despite the advance technology in smartphones, still manufacturers do not incorporate all good features equally in smartphones. Others used to say that you cannot have all the best in the world. This is true in smartphones. You cannot have all the best features in a single device. Most often than not, a very good camera phone has not so good audio quality when it comes to sound streaming, and vice-versa.

Different manufacturers have their own focus of improvement. However, this would not be a problem since you can  amplify your smartphone’s audio power with a Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth speakers has evolved from bigger types to smaller ones and yet powerful enough to rock your room.

4. Mobile Phone Case

Most of us that are always on the go, and we do not have ample time to charge our phone before going out especially when you forgot to charge it before going to bed. As a result, we end up bringing a power bank with us. What if you can supply your phone’s power with your phone case? That would be convenient, right?

Since last year, smartphone cases have evolved into a dual-function device in the form of a battery case. Battery cases are lightweight and portable that you can carry anywhere you go as a phone case. With these devices you do not have to buy or carry a separate battery pack when you travel.

Standard mobile phone cases also protect your phone from shock or crack due to accidental bump or drop . Aside from the protection to the phone, some smartphone cases are so fancy that can turn your phone into a beautiful masterpiece.

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5. Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizers

Have you experienced filming with your phone? You hold the phone with your hands and move your body simultaneously just to capture a moving subject. I am sure the footage is shaky and sometimes it gives you headache when you try to watch it. Perhaps you have heard or have used handheld cameras with 3-axis gimbal mechanism.

This feature allows you to capture stable video footage even if your hand is moving or you are moving. Unfortunately, handheld cameras like the DJI Osmo Pocket and other action cameras are not cheap. On the other hand, there is a great alternative that can optimize or release the power of your smartphone camera. The smartphone gimbal stabilizer.

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6. Selfie Stick or Selfie Stand

With the advancement of cameras in smartphones, digital cameras has gradually lost their use in digital photography. Latest smartphones sports 2 to 3 or even 4 rear cameras which can capture better quality videos and pictures comparable to a photo taken through a DLSR camera.

Although front cameras capture better selfies than before, sometimes you still need a specific distance or angle to capture better selfies. A selfie stick or selfie stand can do this trick. Click HERE for selfie sticks collection.

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7. Cellphone Holder

Smartphones are handheld devices but you do not want to hold them all the time especially when watching movies or videos at home or when driving. You will need a phone holder to do this job. These accessories have also evolved into more than just phone holders. There are phone stands that can function as a wireless charger or car mounts that are dual-function phone holders and support wireless charging. A phone holder can be a standard stand, or a more complex one such as those used in biking or used as car mounts.

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8. Game Controllers

If you want to enjoy more of mobile games, instead of using your touch screen as a game controller which sometimes experience lags or being unresponsive, why not use a physical game controller similar with that of Xbox or PSP. There are now game controllers that are made specifically for mobile phones. These devices will surely level up your mobile game experience. Click HERE for collection of game consoles and game pads.

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9. AR/VR Headsets

Virtual reality is not a new technology and it will be part of our daily lives in the future just like what is being interpreted in movies. VR has many applications and one of these is in VR movies and VR mobile games. In order to immerse in a VR environment and enjoy this technology, a VR headset is necessary. AR/VR headsets will play major role in mobile gaming since more and more mobile games will be available in VR format in the coming years.

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10. Micro SD

With the HD and high-resolution cameras in smartphones, you can now capture crisp and stunning pictures and videos with your phone. HD or high-resolution picture or video on the other hand, requires more storage space. In parallel to introduction of HD cameras in smartphones, developers have also upgraded their internal memory to be able to store all your pictures and videos in your device.

Most of us store everything in our smartphone from memorable videos and photos, concerts or movies to watch. These contents will lead to not enough storage capacity in the long run. If you have the budget you can get the biggest storage capacity version and you should be all good. Well, manufacturers recognize that not all can afford the bigger memories. so they open their smartphones’ storage capacity to external memory expansion through Micro-SD which you can extend the storage capacity of your phone.

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If you think that there are other cool phone accessories that should be added in the list of best phone accessories this 2020, please share them below.


Dan Sicat


  1. The best smart phone accessories in 2020 have been already discussed everywhere. The idea of wireless gear will be implemented soon.

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to put together this impressive and interesting article, it’s really useful for those of us who are making use of mobile phones. As every year unfolds, new things are coming into light  and it’ll make ot wasy to utilize your phone. I’ll look forward to seeing these accessories.

    • Yes, every year there are technology advancements in smartphones as well in their accessories. These accessories provide convenience and enhances the technology that are already present in smartphone. Every year is worth looking forward to.

  3. 2020 really will be filled with lovely advancement in phone accessories because of the rate at which companies are producing new stuffs, this kind of work will make the use if phone very easy, take for instance the wireless charger, you dont be to carry long cords to plug you phones. The list is quite much and also pleasing to read.

    • The advancement in smartphone accessories coincides with the technology advancement in smartphones. This is to match the market needs which creates more product opportunities to choose from. Most advancement are making our daily lives convenient.

  4. Technology has grown in a very large way, phone accessories are experiencing drastic change and improvement, you’ve mentioned almost all the accessories that are of recent. The alarming part of this development is that many companies will be producing their own products and it’ll be very difficult to select a good one from the inferior. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Since technology in smartphones is fast advancing, it is not surprising that their accessories are also evolving to match the technology in smartphones. Yes it is now difficult to choose which one is the best since many products are flooding in the market. That is why reviews are important.

  5. Thank you Dan, for this post. I am not at anytime on the high end of technology but I do have a smart phone, and I need to be more effective and more efficient with it. Looking through theses accessories, some of them are “must haves”. I would definitely love to have a wireless charger! 

    • Hi Juliet! Yes you can have the wireless charger since it is convenient and very portable and it is really a must-have accessory since you need to keep your phone alive. You can also try the battery case which is a combination of a phone case and a charger.

  6. Lots of good information, here. Thanks for sharing it; I’m sure that many can benefit from what you’ve said.

    I have a couple of comments. First, on the selfie stick. I remember when the idea first came out and how it was ridiculed for being a tool for the self-oriented millennial. But it does seem to be a great way to record a video in an exotic place, for example, when the person isn’t necessarily the subject. Else it can help with a couple taking a a photo of themselves–at home or in an exotic place–without having to ask a fellow tourist, “Hey, could you snap a photo of us?”

    Secondly, though this is actually a question: do you know if more than one speaker can connect to a PC or phone, via BlueTooth? One is pretty good, while two would be great, to create a stereo experience.

    Thanks for an informative post.

    • Selfie stick has been a great tool these days. Yes you are right, before I also thought it is just for millennial’s use but it has found its use gradually. With a selfie stick you do not to bother other people just to take pictures.

      Actually it is now possible to connect 2 Bluetooth speakers to a PC or smartphone via Bluetooth. Amazon Echo is one example. There are also audio apps out there which allows you to connect 2 Bluetooth speakers at the same time. In addition, Bluetooth version 5 has this function.

  7. Best phone accessories in 2019 top 10 must have accessories is just the article I’ve been looking for. Thank you I need to update a few of the accessories to my phone and looking at all this great information you provided is going to be easy for me to decide. This article is well written and I really love all the accessories that you have provided.

    Thank you again for this wonderful article I really appreciate it.

    • Thanks Quinn for dropping by! The list contains only the must have accessories especially a wireless charger or you can have the battery case.

  8. This is a must read for everyone using a mobile phone.This post is informative and the fact that I read about wireless charger in this your post really got me.I’ve never used any wireless charger before I think it will be great trying new things this new year and the fact that it will be very easy to take along with you anywhere you go is an advantage.

    • Well most of us will really need a charger and it is worth trying new gadgets like the wireless charger. These are lightweight and portable without worrying about the cables or electrical outlet. You can also try the battery case, although these are available for certain smartphone models only especially latest ones. 

  9. Thank you for the helpful information about the smartphone accessories.

    I think the most important thing for people using smartphone is the battery. And I suppose that it’s the reason why you put the wireless charger at the first one. I do hope that this year can be a wireless technology blooming year because the wire charger is not convenient at all. Thanks for the information.

    • Hi James! Actually the list is not in particular order but when I think of smartphone accessories, the charger came to my mind first. Well, you can say it should be the number one since there is no advantage of having all the listed accessories if your phone’s battery is empty.

      Sooner or later, everything would be wireless, and that would be so convenient!

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