Best Phone Holder For Bike 2020

Biking or cycling is one of the most enjoyable recreations that can be done by kids and adults alike. You can do it in your spare time with your friends or family.

With the latest technology being incorporated from time to time, smartphone has become an accessory for biking as a GPS device or a device for accessing Google maps. You just need to mount the phone in front of your bicycle and choose the best phone holder for bike designed especially for this recreation.

best phone holder for bike 2020

Biking requires more durable and more secure fit phone holder for bike than the phone mount being used in cars. It is usually accompanied by shocks and impacts which bikes are designed for.


1. Roam Co-Pilot Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount

Product Name: Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount for Motorcycle – Bike Handlebars

Handle Bar Size Range : 0.875” – 1.25” in diameter

Material : Premium hard plastic

Compatibility: up to 3.5 inches phone width


Roam Co-pilot universal bike phone mount is made specifically for bicycle and motorcycle. It fits to almost handle bars ranging from 7/8” to 1 ¼ “ in diameter. Its material is made up of premium hard plastic that securely holds your phone on the handle bars with its 6-point grip.

The package comes with 3 pieces silicone nets with different sizes and the phone holder set. The smaller silicone net is for smaller phones and the larger ones are for bigger size phones.

Roam Co-pilot universal bike phone mount

One of the great features of this Roam Co-pilot is its versatility. Its larger clamp allows you to either mount it on a bicycle or on a motorcycle with wider handle bars compatibility, except for sports motorcycle which usually have larger handles.

This is made possible by the 3 steps of the clamp where you can set which diameter will fit your handle bar. Aside from that, you can adjust the arms up to 3.5 inches wide that will fit almost all phone’s width. This is compatible with small and big cell phones alike.

This phone mount offers 6-point grip to hold your device securely in place even in a bumpy road, which is a normal condition when biking or motorcycling. The silicone net which can stretch up to 5 times its length provides 4-point grip basically on the 4 corners of your phone. The side arms provide the 2-point grip which allows your phone to sit securely in place.

Unlike rubber, the silicone net is durable even in extreme weather conditions which does not break or crack during long time use. In addition, the clamp is made from premium hard plastic which is resistant to breaking unlike normal plastic. Just be reminded to tighten it just enough since even metal loses their thread if tightened beyond their tightening torque.

With the ball and socket design, the phone holder can be pivoted or rotated in 360 degrees which allows you to tilt or adjust the phone viewing angle. Click HERE to check price.

Pros :

  • Compatible with most handle bars (including strollers and ATV s).
  • Adjustable and compatible with most phones.
  • Made of durable materials.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Not a snap fit.


2. CAW.CAR Accessories Universal CrowFoot Handlebar Phone Mount

Product Name: Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount-Universal ATV, Mountain, City & Road Bicycle Handlebar Holder

Handle Bar Size Range : 0.2~1.6” in diameter

Material : Rubberized plastic

Compatibility: up to 3.7” phone width


CAW.CAR Accessories Universal CrowFoot is an all-out universal bike phone holder which can be mounted even to the smallest handlebars of 0.2 inch in diameter such as the tubular stand of car seat’s head support. Of all the aforementioned bike phone mount, this product has the biggest diameter compatibility.

The package comes with a uni-design crow-foot phone holder.

CAW.CAR Accessories Universal CrowFoot

This bicycle phone holder is designed like a crow’s foot which makes it the most universal of all the top 5. With its screw-locking-releasing mechanism, you can easily snatch it to any handlebars and take it off very easily without the need of extra tools. You can imagine a real crow’s foot snatching on its prey easily.

This product’s uni-design makes it really convenient for users. All parts are already assembled into one including the rubber grips that are made built-in. You just pop it out from the box and you are ready to go. Goodbye to Allen wrenches and assembly of multiple components.

Similar with the previously mentioned bicycle phone holders, CAW.CAR Crow-Foot also offers 6-point grip but the silicone rubber bands are already built-in which allows a more secure and firm hold of your device preventing tremble.

The ball and socket design allows a 360 degrees rotation so you can tilt your phone to any position or viewing angle and lock it with the swivel. The rubberized clip provides better grip and protection your handle bars from scratches. Click HERE to check price.


  • Widest range of handle bars compatibility
  • Compatible with most phones.
  • Uni-design, no need to assemble.
  • Crow-foot design for easy installation and removal.

Con :

  • Built-in silicone band (difficult to replace when broken)


3. Mongoora Bike Phone Mount

Product Name: Mongoora Universal Bike Phone Mount for Any Smart Phone-

Handle Bar Size Range : 0.9″ – 1.3” in diameter

Material : Combined highest quality metal and plastic

Compatibility: up to 3.7 inches phone width


Mongoora bike phone mount is designed to fit any smartphone. The arm is adjustable from 2.2 inches up to 3.7 inches wide. Similar with Roam Co-pilot, it can be attached to almost all handle bars ranging from 0.9 up to 1.3 inches in diameter. This phone holder is designed specifically for bicycles but it can be mounted to motorcycles and other similar handle bars.

The package comes with 3 pieces silicone nets with 3 different colors to suit your color preferences and the phone holder set. There are 2 knobs provided, so you can choose which one to use. Basically the smaller one is for smaller diameter and the bigger one is for bigger diameter handle bars.

Mongoora bike phone mount

Mongoora phone holder is a universal phone accessory because it can be mounted in almost any handle bar diameter. This is made possible by the provided 2 sets of knobs and the 3 steps in the clamp that allows you to set based on the handle bar diameter.

The phone width compatibility of Mongoora is wider than the Roam Co-pilot by 0.2 inches so it offers bigger compatibility even for plus size phones with thick phone case.

Another feature of this product is that the clamp surface has soft rubber strips which provide better grip especially for uneven handle bars. Six-point grip seems a standard design for these types of bike phone holders which holds your phone in place even for a rough road ride.

The ball and socket feature of this product allows full rotation which allows you to move and tilt your phone to any direction or angle you want. Click HERE to check price.

Pros :

  • Compatible with most handle bars.
  • Adjustable and compatible even with bigger phones.
  • Made of durable materials.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Not a snap fit


4. Bovon Universal Bicycle Phone Holder

Product Name: Bike Mount, Bovon Universal Bicycle Phone Holder, Adjustable Silicone Handlebar Rack

Handle Bar Size Range : Fits all handle bar diameters (belt-type)

Material : Premium silicone

Compatibility: 4.5 ~ 6.0 inches screen size


When it comes to universality, Bovon bicycle phone holder does compete with TaoTronics. Instead of clamp, this product is designed to be belt-type so you can adjust to any handle bar diameter from strollers, motorbikes, bicycles, and other handle bars. The whole product structure is made up of premium silicone.

It is very obvious that the package comes with a single phone holder since the product is designed as one.
Bovon bicycle phone holderWhen it comes to design, I would recommend this product. It is very simple and yet it delivers the product’s purpose. Applying the wristwatch structure to this product is I think a brilliant idea. Installation is made simple and convenient without the need of any tools.

With wristwatch design, this phone holder is compatible with any handle bar diameters. On the other hand, since the structure is made to be durably elastic, the compatibility with phone sizes is limited to 4.5 to 6.0 inches screen sizes only.

Unlike with the previously mentioned bicycle phone holders that offers 6-point grip, this product is designed to hold the phone on both ends freeing the center so you have easy access to all buttons and inputs to your phones.

Although this design type does not allow you 360 degrees rotation, you can still mount it horizontally or vertically which is possible for bicycles and motorcycles.

The silicone material provides more durable product than plastic, and at silicone body offers firm grip and absorbs shocks or impact during a rough ride. Click HERE to check price.

Pros :

  • Universal, fits any handle bars diameter.
  • Belt-type design, easy installation and removal.
  • Maximum protection to your devices.
  • More durable than plastic.
  • Provide full access to all buttons and inputs


  • Limited phone compatibility
  • Limited viewing angle.


5. GUB Bicycle & Motorcycle Phone Mount

Product Name: GUB Bicycle & Motorcycle Phone Mount, Aluminum Alloy Holder

Handle Bar Size Range : 0.87″ – 1.25” in diameter

Material : Aluminum alloy with sponge

Compatibility:  up to 3.94 inches phone width


GUB phone mount is not just for bicycles but is compatible for motorcycles as well.  It is also compatible with all phones even from the smallest 1.97 inches up to the biggest 3.94 inches width including the latest iPhone 11 PRO Max or Galaxy S20 Plus. This is applicable not just for smartphones but even for other devices like GPS and other gadgets within this width range.

The best feature of GUB bike mount phone holder is that it can rotate in 360-degree angle without detaching the clamp. This allows you to change your viewing angle anytime. Another nice feature is the design which does not block the cameras of the phone which allows you to take videos during biking.

Unlike above bicycle mounts, GUB uses a single screw mechanism to hold your phone tightly in place. You do not need bands to make it steady. The combination of aluminum and the sponge does lock your device securely in place. Moreover, the metal structure makes sure that the holder lasts for a long time without worrying about weathering effect on rubbers or silicone types.  Click HERE to check price.

Pros :

  • Universal that fits any phone and other devices width.
  • Sturdy and durable metal material
  • Strong and steady hold of device
  • Easy phone installation
  • Does not block the cameras
  • 360-degree rotation

Cons :

  • Requires unique Allen wrench(comes with the package)
  • Not fit for bigger handles(above 1.25 inches in diameter)

All the above-mentioned best phone holders for bicycle offer similar features. I personally prefer bike phone holders that provide easy installation to any handle bars and can easily mount and remove your phone. I am impressed with the snap-fit, wristwatch and crow-foot designs. These holders provide a more convenient way and hassle-free biking experience. On the other hand, some users may prefer assembling multiple parts.

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Dan Sicat


  1. Hi, Dan.
    Have tested multiple items from your list and my choice is CAW.CAR Accessories CrowFoot Mount. It’s build quality as well as security features are far beyong other models. BTW, it comes with two spare bands besides the build in bands, so your con for this model is slightly misleading.

    • Hi Concord! Thank you for sharing your experience with these phone holders for bike. Yes, you are right the package comes with spare silicone bands but not like the built-in bands which when broken are difficult to replace. Sorry if you were a bit misled by the con which was not our intention. Anyways, the manufacturer is assuring the bands will lasts for years and if you upgrade your warranty they will replace the whole unit once the built-in bands are broken. The built-in design is to assure equal pressure on 4 sides of the phone which is great as long as the bands lasts for years but if broken after the warranty period, you cannot replace them that easily. Thank you for your constructive comment. I will consider rephrasing the con.

  2. hello Dan,
    quite an intriguing review the have here on the best phone holders for bike….. getting to use and know the importance of phone holders is of immense important to every motorcyclist, they go a long way to protecting your phone against unforeseen circumstances that could lead to their destruction… thanks a lot for sharing such a such a unique article because a long way to protecting our phones

    • Phone holders for bike do not just protect your phone from damage but also adds to safety during biking since you can focus more on the road. You can connect it through wireless earphones for hands-free calls or if your phone supports voice-activated commands you can instantly acquire information without holding your phone.

  3. Hello there,  thank you so much for this very detaied and informativ post. I must say that this post is really timely for me This is exactly what I am looking for, I like the fact that you gave a comprehensive discription  of these phone holder which will enable one to choose among the many options above an I think that the CAW.CAR Accessories Universal CrowFoot will be suit my bike. Thank for sharing.

    • I personally prefer the CAW.CAR phone holder since it is easy to install and detach which I think is more convenient. But of course, the others are also great phone holders, it just depends on which one suits your need and preference. 

  4. Hey nice article you have there. A product that can guarantee phone safety for bikes and bicycles, is quite impressive. I honestly believe that with this initiative, the possibility to lost phones during driving or cycling will be reduced to its barest minimum. The Roam co pilot, will definitely be a suitable product for my bike. I will definitely do well to recommend this initiative to my friends, am sure they gonna love it

    • Roam co pilot is a great choice since it is universal phone holder compatible not just with bicycles but also with motorcycles, strollers, and ATVs. 

  5. Hello dear, wow thanks for sharing these concise information with us all, I really do find these post useful, what wonderful content you have here, I already saved it so as to come back for future reference, plan on purchasing some of those items, I believe they’ll be of great value and use, thanks for the info, I’ll surely do some recommendations

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this article. Just get back to this post just in case you need some reference.

  6. Heloo there, getting a phone holder for bikes are very important in that it ensures proper safety of smartphone. Anyways I want to say a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and informative article with the members of the public. When considering getting a phone holder for bikes it’s very Paramount that the best is gotten.. I really Fancy the roam Co-pilot universal bike phone mount, it’s specifications are nice. 

    • Roam co-pilot is a good choice since it is compatible with bicycles and motorcycles. Phone holder for bike not just ensure safety of your device but also provides you safer biking since you can focus on the road even when you are in a call.

  7. Hi, my dad likes to ride bike where all the muddy ground inside the forest. Do you have one that is able to protect the phone, and same time waterproof? Cos sometimes it rains, my dad complaints the phone will get wet and it looks very blur. I wonder is there anything that can protect his phone and at the same time, to protect the phone screen from the rain and mud water. If none of the above has the function it is okay too, I will get a sturdy holder here, and buy another protector to cover the phone 🙂 thanks in advance!

    • These phone holders are waterproof by their material but they will not protect your phone from water. There are pouch-like phone holders available that can protect your phone from water. I will make a review on these accessories also in the near future. Anyways you can check out ROCK BROS Phone Bag. This is a waterproof phone pouch. 

  8. I was looking for a phone holder for my bike and my friend sent me your article.

    All I can say it’s explain all the great detail of the best phone holders.

    However, I’m not sure which brand should I consider buying…Because all of them look great!  What’s your suggestion, Dan? Which one is your favorite? Maybe I will give it a try, too!


    Zac Phua.

    • I personally prefer bike phone holders that provide easy installation to any handle bars and can easily mount and remove your phone. I am impressed with the snap-fit, wristwatch and crow-foot designs. With that being said, I would choose CAW.CAR Accessories Universal CrowFoot.

  9. This is a great idea for a Christmas present! The Momgoora looks especially cool with the different color options and the design that looks very funky. I like the fact that it can support plus size phones as well.

    The Taotronic also sounds cook though because you said it can literally fit most devices even a GPS meaning you would necessarily have to have a big phones with you especially if you are taking a break from technology and enjoying nature.

    I think it will be a toss up between these two because it is hard to guess whether someone prefers the more stylish choice or the more practical choice.

    Thanks for this great list!

    • Hi Renton! Yes, these can be as Christmas present or perfect for people who are into bicycling. Mongoora offers colorful silicone nets which suits every color preference. Taotronics offers wider compatibility when it comes to phone width even the smaller ones. It just boils down to the user’s preference. As for me, I prefer the Taotronics more because of its snap-fit design.

  10. Hey thanks for the great reviews!

    I do have one question maybe you can help me with. I am looking for a gift for my brother in-law and he just started mountain biking. How durable are these Bicycle Phone Holders?

    I am sure he will fall and I would hate for it to break his phone or the bicycle holder… Hope you can help and once again thanks for the reviews they are really helpful!

    • Thanks for dropping by Timm!

      If you worry about durability and damage to phone due to accidental fall during biking, I would recommend Bovon Universal Bicycle Phone Holder. This is made up of durable silicone material and since it has a uni-design and belt-type installation capability, it could withstand any shock or impact. The phone holding mechanism is also better than others. However, I assume that your brother’s phone screen size is within 4.5 to 6.0 inches which is a standard size for current smartphones.

      If the phone’s screen size is not within that range, you can try Roam Co-Pilot instead.

  11. What would you recommend if I’m wanting to do videos of myself for Youtube? Are there also fixtures for iPads? If you do a feature on iPads I would be very interested. Also whiteboard / interactive teaching devices. Do you know about them? They also work very well with smartphones. Do you have any recommendations for micophones for doing videos?

    • Hi Fraser!

      You can use any of the 5 for video recording as long as your phone supported it. I don’t think these would fit an iPad since these are designed for smartphones. Although Taotronics and CAW.CAR Accessories Universal CrowFoot can hold GPS devices, but these devices are a lot smaller than iPad.

      As per your request, I will consider these items for my future reviews.

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