Best Waterproof Phone Pouch 2020

Who is not thrilled going to the beach or splashing water on a jet ski ride? How about going kayaking, hiking, or biking? All of these outdoors activities are fun but involves water and sweat which may damage electronic devices such as phone unless yours is waterproof. Otherwise, you need best waterproof phone pouch to protect your device or even personal things such as cards, cash, car keys, or even a passport from water damage.

If you love doing the mentioned outdoor getaways, having a waterproof phone pouch will just give you a peace of mind and enjoy more of your water-involved activities. In this post let us take a look at the best waterproof phone pouches you can try this 2020.

best waterproof phone pouch 2020

Best Waterproof Phone Pouch

1. Waterpockets Stash 7 Premium Waterproof Phone Pouch

Waterpockets Stash 7 is designed for any water sports. This phone pouch comes with a durable lanyard but stretchable enough to be tied or looped it to almost anything. The 2-ear design of this case just makes your phone steady even during intense water sports. This phone pouch is IPX8-rated waterproof case which allows your phone to be immersed under water without any fear of water entering your device. The folding velco cap added more waterproofing and prevents elements such as snow or dust from entering the case.

The case’s transparent windows are crystal clear allowing you to use your phone easily even with the waterproof case, maintaining the functionality of your device. Of course, fingerprint sensor will not work since bio metrics need actual touch. This phone pouch is compatible up to 6.5 inch phone screen size so even the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max will fit. However, you may need to remove the phone case for some plus size phones to fit inside the pouch. Click HERE for price details.

Waterpockets Stash 7 Premium Waterproof Phone Pouch

2. CaliCase Universal Waterproof Floating Case

CaliCase Universal Waterproof Case is a floating waterproof pouch. You can enjoy your water-involved getaways without worrying about damaging your phone or getting your device lost underwater. The pouch is IPX 8-certified which can be submerged up to 100 feet in the water without damaging your phone. Two-layered plastic just makes sure the waterproofing.

You may have a waterproof pouch but what if your phone accidentally slips out during your water activities? This possible disaster has been addressed by CaliCase by adding built-in foam padding to make the pouch float on water just in case you drop it underwater.

This waterproof pouch allows you to enjoy the beach or diving with a peace of mind. The case is touch-screen friendly, you just need to press a little harder than your normal touch-screen without the pouch. It fits phone size up to 6-inch screen size(diagonal) including the latest iPhone Pro (not the Max) and if you have a very thick phone case you may need to remove it to fit inside. It also comes in different colors to suit your preference. Click HERE for price details.
CaliCase Universal Waterproof Floating Case

3. JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch

JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch allows you to take perfect selfie even under water. The dual clear window design allows you to use both your front and rear cameras without any blockage. Its IPX8 ratings plus its unique sealing mechanism assures 100% waterproofing even up to 100 ft below the water perfect for taking videos during diving or snorkeling.

This pouch is not just waterproof but the case itself is scratch-resistant which maintains a clear screen ready for taking pictures or videos anytime. Its touch-sensitive screen maintains the full functionality of your phone which allows you to use your device normally as if it is not inside the case.

JOTO Universal waterproof pouch is compatible with phone size up to 6.9 inches which means that including the latest Galaxy S20 Plus and iPhone 11 Pro Max will fit the pouch perfectly. It comes in 2-pack for a very affordable price. You get 2 waterproof pouches for the price of one. Click HERE for price details.

JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch

4. AquaVault Waterproof Floating Phone Case

AquaVault Waterproof Phone Case is suited for any water sports or activities as long as you use it for not more than 30 ft water depth. It works well in swimming pools and waterproofing your phone from water splashes such as when jet skiing or splashing in the beach. This is made possible with its triple seal design that prevent water leaks from entering the case.

The case’s cover is clear enough to take good pictures or videos even under water, as well as preserving the touch screen sensitivity of your phone which allows you to text or call even if your device is inside the case. It is also designed to float so you do not have to worry about your device being lost in the deep. This waterproof case fits all phones’ sizes. Click HERE for price details.

AquaVault Waterproof Floating Phone Case

5. Runtasty Waterproof Running Swimming Belt

Runtasty Waterproof Running Swimming Belt is your waterproof phone pouches for all types of sports especially if you are doing triathlon. It is designed as a belt which makes it perfect for running or swimming which allows more freedom than phone pouch with lanyard or an armband. The pouch is IPX8-rated waterproof up to ten feet under water.

The front and rear windows are crystal clear that allows you to take selfies and videos under water using the front and rear cameras. Front window is touchscreen-compatible which allows you to operate your phone even if inside it is inside the pouch.
Smartphones under 6.3 inches in height will definitely fit in this case such as iPhone 11 but not the bigger Pro Max. The belt is adjustable and comes with a belt extender to fit any waist sizes. Click HERE for price details.

Runtasty Waterproof Running Swimming Belt

6. ROCK BROS Waterproof Bicycle Phone Mount

As the name suggests ROCK BROS Bike Phone Bag is phone pouch made for biking. The little bag is designed to be amounted to the front of a bicycle. The pouch is not really waterproof but water-resistant since the bag is not designed to be submerged in water. It can withstand rain without worrying about water damaging your phone or valuables.

The TPU film window is touchscreen-sensitive and clear enough to allow using your phone except for the touch ID. The pouch has enough room not just for a phone but for other stuffs like wallets, keys, or small tire pump. Its phone compartment is compatible with phone up to 6.5 inches in size and it has Sun visor which provides more screen visibility even when sunny. Read Best Phone Holder for Bike 2020 for non-waterproof bike phone mounts. Click HERE for price details.

ROCK BROS Waterproof Bicycle Phone Mount

7. Opamoo Bicycle Phone Mount Bag

Opamoo Bike Phone Mount is another phone pouch especially made for bikes. This is almost similar with the ROCK BROS but with rounded shape so it can be mounted on the handle of the bike. This is also just a water-resistant pouch with sealed double zippers closure to prevent rain from entering the pouch. It has a sun visor for more phone screen visibility even under the glaring sun.

The high-sensitive TPU touchscreen maintains full functionality of your phone except for the Touch ID. Aside from your smartphone, you can keep lot of stuffs inside the separate compartment of the pouch. Unlike the ROCK BROS this pouch is compatible with phones up to 6.7 inches in size which means even an iPhone Pro Max will fit inside the pouch. Read Best Phone Holder for Bike 2020 for non-waterproof bike phone mounts. Click HERE for price details.

Opamoo Bicycle Phone Mount Bag

8. Portzon Waterproof Pouch

Portzon Waterproof Pouch is designed to contain almost all your valuables from water damage. If you just want to keep your phone dry and free from water damage and not to use it for taking photos or videos under water, this waterproof pouch is the best option. It has triple-zip lock seal and is IPX8-rated waterproof for up to 6.5 feet underwater perfect for activities such as swimming, kayaking, or outdoor activities where rain is a usual factor.

The pouch is large enough that even an iPad Mini will fit inside. It comes with adjustable straps which can be converted into a belt or a shoulder bag. Although the pouch is transparent and is touch-screen friendly it is not for taking photos or videos.The built seems sturdy enough to withstand any weather conditions. Click HERE for price details.
Portzon Waterproof Pouch

9. Geckobrands Waterproof Phone Tote

Geckobrands Waterproof Phone Tote is a phone pouch designed for water sports and water activities where no water immersion is involved such as in diving. It cannot be submerged in water but it is waterproof against rain or splashes and protect your phone from sand or snow.

The pouch is big enough to put not just your phone inside but also your other valuables such as keys, passport, or wallets. It is also compatible with almost all phone sizes including the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max. The transparent compartment for the phone is touchscreen-friendly which allows you to use your phone normally. Just make sure to remove trapped air for easy phone use. It comes with 3 carry options whether you prefer a shoulder strap or attach to your belt. Click HERE for price details.Geckobrands Waterproof Phone Tote

Dan Sicat


  1. Wow! Really great to see all of these here and I can see that this has a lot more of benefits than anything else. To be honest,  the fact that all these waterproof phone pouch can help to secure the phone against dangers on days that the unexpected might happen. Thanks so much for sharing this post here. I like the Waterpockets Stash 7 Premium Waterproof Phone Pouch

    • Outdoors activities are usually involved with sweat., water, and sometimes rain. These elements can damage your phone unless you have the waterproof device. Having a waterproof phone pouch is just convenient so you can enjoy your getaways anytime.

  2. ,Hi Dan,

    Thank you for this list of waterproof phone pouches. I really need one for my bicycle. I will check this further on Amazon. I understand it’s not waterproof. What if it’s pouring outside while I am riding? Will it protect my phone from the rain? Or would you suggest something else?

    Thank you in advance!

    • Bike phone pouch can protect your phone from the rain since it is water-resistant. However, the pouches are not designed to be soaked or immersed in water. You can try other waterproof pouches in the list instead.

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