Fitbit Versa, The Best Fitness Tracker Watch?

When Samsung launched Samsung Galaxy Gear in 2013 and Apple Watch was launched by Apple in 2015, smartwatch has become one of smartphone’s buddy. As of now smartwatches have come a long way and became smarter. Few years ago, smartwatches are used to sync with your smartphone but now they even standalone independently. Let us take a look at best fitness tracker watch that is making wave in the smartwatch market and find out why it is one of the best smartwatch for fitness.

best fitness tracker watch


Product Name : Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

Battery Capacity : Not specified; can last 4 + days as per manufacturer

Display : Touchscreen, color LCD

Connectivity : Bluetooth LE/Classic (iOS, Android, Windows compatible)

Water Resistance : Up to 50 meters

Warranty : 1 year ( 2 years if purchased from EEA –European Economic Area)



Fitbit Versa Smartwatch is a device designed specifically for physically active individuals with active lifestyle and are conscious about their health. The smart device has more than 15 installed exercise modes to keep track and record your exercises including water exercises like swimming since it is water resistant.

It has optical heart rate monitor to keep track of your heart to optimize your cardio exercises. It can also track your distance; your calories burned; number of steps and even number of floors climbed.

The battery can last for more than 4 days so you need less of charging as long if you charge it 2 hours before using.

Memory can store up to past 30 days data and 7 days minute by minute of detailed motion data.



Perfect for fitness

One of the features that make this watch the best fitness tracker watch is that the installed 15+ exercises can coach you about how to do an exercise step by step and it adapts based on your response.

If you love to swim and you want to monitor your laps, there would be no problem with this device. Its water resistant feature allows you to submerge in water for up to 50 meters without affecting its function. Just be sure to dry it off after the exercise. It is not advisable to wear the device in a sauna or hot tub since operating temperature is from negative 10 to 60 degrees centigrade only.

The heart rate sensor allows you to discover your cardio fitness level to be able to optimize your workouts. While the SmartTrack feature automatically records selected exercises and save them in Fitbit App.

Listening to music makes our workout fun and somehow lighter. Fitbit Versa can store more than 300 songs and play them by pairing it to a Bluetooth headphone or wireless earbuds so you can enjoy your music while doing your exercises.

A dependable smartwatch

This device is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 that can pair to almost any devices and PCs out there. By connecting your smartwatch to your smartphone, you can easily access your call, text or other notifications directly on its screen. You can send quick replies that you are in a middle of a workout. Its Bluetooth connectivity ranges up to 30 feet.

With just a simple tap, your favorite apps can now be accessed also in this device including news and weather condition.

If you are a person who needs to be reminded of anything like me, instead of setting reminder in your smartphone, you can now do this in this smartwatch. It comes with customizable clock faces that you can set depending on the occasion.

Fitbit Versa is lightweight, with sleek design that fits comfortably on your wrist with interchangeable bands that is perfect during work-outs.

Other unique features

If you are female, you can now monitor your monthly cycles by this watch. You can even compare this data with other health data such as your activity, your weight, and your sleep which is also possible to monitor with this smartwatch.

Customize-ready design

Although only 2 bands comes with the package, you can try various bands (sold separately) to suit your look whether it is hand-crafted horween leather, swim-ready classic bands, or stainless steel links and mesh. Swapping of wristbands is a bit harder than the other Fitbit watches though.

Aside from the free additional woven wristbands in the special edition Versa, a NFC chip is also installed where it allows you make payments right from your smartwatch.

Wrapping up the above features;

  • Has more than 15 installed interactive exercise modes that you watch and follow directly on the screen. Water resistance up to 50 meters depth
  • Heart rate monitor.
  • SmartTrack feature.
  • Can store more than 300 songs and play directly on your watch
  • Bluetooth connectivity range of up to 30 feet and can pair with Android, iOS, Windows.
  • Can sync with smartphone to answer calls or texts directly on your watch.
  • Availability of interchangeable bands
  • Can monitor female monthly cycles
  • Can access popular apps directly
  • Can pay your bills directly on your watch.
  • Battery charges fast and lasts for more than 4 days in a single charge



Fitbit versa comes in a nice packaging with a magnetic cover. Included in the box is the Fitbit Versa smartwatch, small and large wristbands, and a charging cable. The watch looks gorgeous that I think can suit any occasion not just fitness activities. The charging fits perfectly as long as you push the 2 sides simultaneously to open the dock.




  • Full pack of special features as compared with more expensive smartwatches.
  • Overall design suits your looks on any occasion.
  • Perfect for fitness or physically active and health-conscious individuals.
  • Compatible with almost any devices.
  • Long lasting battery life.
  • 1 year warranty period.
  • Mid-range price.


  • Swapping of wristbands is a bit hard
  • No GPS by itself.



Fitbit Versa is the number 1 bestseller smartwatch in Amazon.com, although you can hear drawbacks about the product which I think is very common even for expensive Apple smartwatches. The device is full of special features for a less expensive price. If you are a physically active individuals or into sports this product is worth buying for.

CLICK HERE for the Fitbit Versa price details.

On the other hand, for not so physically active people I don’t recommend this watch much since you cannot maximize its fitness features. It is rather better to use your smartphones with heart rate monitor and sensors that can track your steps or activities. The reading in Fitbit Versa is more accurate than in your smartphone though. Not to consider the bulk when working out.

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Dan Sicat


  1. Like I have a smartphone. Now my daughter using Fitbit Ionic but I need to upgrade her to Fitbit Versa.

    Can you please give some details about fit-bit versa.

    Thank you so much for this article.

    • Thanks for taking time to read this post. Fitbit Versa is a smartwatch designed for really physically active individuals. It has more than 15 pre-installed exercises that can guide you through the training. You can even use this to monitor your laps when swimming since it is water-resistant up to 50 meters. The battery can last for more than 4 days. Bluetooth-enabled so it is smartphone-compatible. You can also pay using its NFC function. It has also a special feature that is suited for girls only.

  2. Such a timely article, as my fitbit has just been “misplaced” by my daughter. I was looking to upgrade to a Fitbit Versa, but now after reading your helpful review I am not sure I need something so complicated when I have my perfectly good smartphone. I might just stick with a basic, activity monitor, calorie and clock device and use my smartphone for the rest. Especially for the price. Thanks for the helpful review.

    • Thanks for dropping by Nicole!
      Yes Fitbit versa is the best smartwatch for fitness.
      It has a lot of features combined (a fitness tracker + smartwatch).
      Of course with these lot of features come a considerable price.
      I think it is better to stick to your old Fitbit if you cannot utilize these features.

  3. I’ve been looking to get a new Fitbit watch as my original Charge is starting to fall apart after two and a half years of daily use. The battery and sensors are still going strong and the watch has seen some rough times :D. Talk about quality for a $100 dollar device! Just got an LG G6 from a crazy discount (great value phone at the moment by the way!) and the only down side is is that it doesn’t have notification LED. A smart watch with a phone notification would solve this.

    Do you know if the Versa has the constant heart rate monitor like the Charge and Charge 2? That’s my favorite feature. I use it to monitor overtraining and stress symptoms. Most other watches offer just the heart rate monitoring during exercise, which of course is useful, but not something I’m that interested in as I do more strength training than cardio.

    • Hi Jukka! Thank you for taking time to read this article.
      Yes, it can even monitor your heart rate even if you are not working out all throughout the day including steps, calories burned, and others. The difference between the Charge and Versa is the method of reading your heart rate. The Charge monitors through the pulse while the Versa monitors through the blood in the capillaries. The good thing about this smartwatch is that you can set the exercise mode you like and play on the screen. It is like a personal coach on your wrist.

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