Huawei Mate X, The Samsung Galaxy Fold’s Rival?

Just days after Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Fold, smartphone manufacturer Huawei, has unveiled its version of foldable phone, the Huawei Mate X. The phone is completely different from the Galaxy Fold except for the hinge-folding mechanism. Well, I think it is difficult for a foldable phone to be folded and unfolded without a hinge. In that case we are expecting other upcoming versions from other manufacturers to have this hinge mechanism. It just boils down on which hinge technology could withstand the mechanical wear and tear.

Huawei Mate X

As been stated in my previous post, it is not only Samsung who is in the race for the first foldable phone. Although, Samsung has already succeeded to get the title, Huawei wants to get the title of the best foldable phone design. Huawei executives are saying that the Mate X is better than the Galaxy Fold. Let us find out if Mate X is the best foldable phone and if it is better than the Galaxy Fold.

Larger and multiple displays

The Mate X boasts an 8 inches of display size when unfolded which is larger than the Galaxy Fold of 7.3 inch, and almost the same size of an iPad Mini. When folded, it transforms into 2 screens of 6.3 inches and 6.8 inches. The major difference with the Galaxy Fold is that this device folds outward. It is not like opening a book but I can imagine bending a plastic block. In phone mode, 2 displays are available unlike in the Galaxy Fold. On the other hand, aside from the smaller display’s function as a mirror when taking pictures, you would not want to use both simultaneously.

A tablet that transform into a smartphone

Huawei’s idea to fold outward makes the Mate X a literal flexible display phone. You can let the device halfway folded and when you view it, it really looks like the display is bent in actual. If we look at the hinge technology used by Huawei, I can say that the Huawei Mate X is a tablet transformable into a smartphone since the hinge default position is opened. When you fold it, you are closing the hinge. On the other hand, the Galaxy Fold is a smartphone transformable into a tablet since the hinge default position is closed. When you unfold, you are opening the hinge.

High-end specs but lower than the Galaxy Fold

Huawei Maye X is powered by Octacore Kirin 980 processors with 8GB of RAM which is 4GB lower than the Galaxy Fold. Unlike the Galaxy Fold which can run 3 apps at the same time, Huawei Mate X can only run 2 apps simultaneously. Similarly, it runs on Android 9 and of course Huawei’s own interface EMUI 9.1. It is also equipped with a 5G chipset ready for the fifth-generation internet launch.

Single but powerful battery

The Galaxy Fold uses twin batteries to produce 4380 mAh power. Amazingly, Huawei was able to equip the Mate X with a single 4500 mAh battery. With its 55W fast charging technology, full charging takes only less than 40 minutes. Similar with the Galaxy Fold, if you look at the Mate X’s battery capacity, you would think it could not last even a day since the average tablet’s battery capacity is 6000mAh and above. However, this is yet to be confirmed when the actual product is available in the 2nd quarter this year.

Lots of storage capacity

Huawei Mate X has also the same built-in storage capacity of 512GB of ROM. However, unlike the Galaxy Fold which is not expandable, Mate X has given its consumers with additional 256GB expandable storage through its provided memory card slot.

Powerful selfie camera

The Mate X is equipped with triple rear cameras which is less than the Galaxy Fold. It has no front-facing camera but it can capture the best selfie picture. Basically you do not need a front camera. This is made possible by its outward-folding design. When you fold the Mate X, the rear cameras will be available as selfie cameras which is a brilliant idea to eliminate the front camera and make the display notch-less. In general, the distinction between selfie or rear camera has gone away with the Mate X.


Some Drawbacks

Not single-handed operation

We all want our smartphones to have a larger display but if your phone is already transformable into a bigger one, which you need two hands to hold and operate it, wouldn’t it be better if you can operate it by a single hand when folded? The larger displays of Huawei Mate X when folded make the phone looks beautiful but sacrificed one of the most important things, single-handed operation.

Cannot lie flat

The Mate X looks beautiful because of its bezel-less displays. Huawei was able to hide the cameras and make them double-function (rear and selfie) through the bezel grip. The grip also provides a firm hold to the device and helps it to stand by itself. However, the bezel grip prevents the phone to lie flat when you want to use the larger screen on a table.

Prone to screen damage

The outward folding design allows the Mate X to have a bezel-less display and more screen to work on to. Comparing with the Galaxy Fold where the screen is protected when folded, the Mate X’s display is prone to scratches and damage since the screens are exposed when folded in outward fashion.

Very expensive

You think that the Galaxy Fold is expensive, but not if you know the price of the Huawei Mate X. It is around $2600 which is $600 higher than the Fold. If the Galaxy Fold is not made for everyone, how much more the Huawei Mate X. Huawei is known for manufacturing smartphones with specs comparable with expensive Samsung or Apple devices but with cheaper price. Personally I was expecting a cheaper foldable phone from Huawei. An expensive Huawei device than Samsung’s is really surprising!

I do not know how did Huawei come up with the price of the Mate X considering its lower specs and fewer features than the Galaxy Fold. In my opinion, the Galaxy Fold looks more of a premium device than the Mate X.



Huawei Mate X is a beautiful foldable phone as compared with the Galaxy Fold. It is also packed with similar features and specs with the Galaxy Fold although some are behind the Galaxy Fold’s. However, I think that its price is not reasonable if compared with the Galaxy Fold’s features, premium built, and higher specs which is now cheaper than the Mate X. I just hope Huawei reconsider its pricing when it releases the Mate X in the 2nd quarter of this year.

After the unveiling of the Huawei Mate X, we can conclude that the Galaxy Fold is far better than the Huawei Mate X when it comes to specs and features. Not to consider its cheaper price than the Mate X.

Which do you think is better, Galaxy Fold or Maye X? Please share your insights below. We would also appreciate if you Click one of the SHARE Buttons below.


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Dan Sicat


  1. Wow! Wonderful post. You have a nice way to compare Huawei Mate X and Samsung galaxy fold comparisons. I think both are smart technology. But the video of Huawei Mate X was very impressive to me. Especially the video makes it more secure. So now I’m planning to buy this Huawei Mate X. Positively, I will shear this with my friends.

    • Thanks Irin for dropping by! Yes both have smart technology and Huawei looks beautiful than the Galaxy Fold. 

  2. Thanks for the this insightful review. The Huawei Mate X is looks quite better than the Galaxy fold but the price is just outrageous. Both companies are marketing the product like it is meant for a large market. $2000 is a whole lot of money to spend on a phone. Even as a tech lover, I see no reason in buying these devices but nonetheless the features are out of this world.

    • The Mate X looks better than the Galaxy Fold if you prefer the bigger and bezel-less displays. I am not expecting the price of the Mate X this expensive as well since Huawei is well-known to produce phones with cheaper price than Samsung. The price of both phones will really break a bank but it is just great to see how smartphone technology has advanced so rapidly.

  3. I sincerly prefer the Hawaii mate X. It has so many features and I don’t think both of them can be compared with each other because Hawaii mate x has more features. I think the comparison is just because both of them are foldable. 

    The battery of Hawaii mate x is strong but the feature that astonished me most is the inbuilt memory capacity of 512. With this memory capacity,  I don’t think there is need for any external memory. 

    • Both have merits and demerits although the Huawei Mate X looks nicer than the Galaxy Fold.  Both have the same massive built-in memory capacity of 512GB but the Mate X has a card slot that is expandable up to 256GB. 

  4. Your time and effort to share this review is appreciated. Have been a user of Samsung over time, and I really love the cameras and processor types. Now having read the article on Samsung Galaxy fold and Huawei mate X, based on the specifications you gave on both devices, if I will go for any of the two I will still go for Galaxy fold. Though both devices are costly but I will still prefer Galaxy fold over Huawei Mate X. 

    • I agree with you that cameras of Samsung phones are better than Huawei since they use different types of camera. I actually used Huawei and Samsung phones and I can really see the difference of the camera quality. What I liked about Huawei is the cheaper price though. 

  5. The Huawei mate X is an impressive phone. It comes with really incredible functions, but I’d rather have the Samsung brand. The big turn off here for me is the price, to see Huawei costing $600 more than a Samsung product of almost the same specification is surprising. I personally have more faith in the Samsung brand than Huawei, so I’d rather have Samsung all day. That’s my two cents on this topic. Thanks for the write-up

    • When I heard about the price of the Galaxy Fold I thought it is the priciest phone but I was surprised about the price of the Huawei Mate X. When it comes to features and specs plus the price, I think the Galaxy Fold has the advantage although the Mate X looks better.

  6. A really nice article there on Huawei mate x, the Samsung fold rival.

    Am not really surprise that another product that will challenge the Samsung fold will arrive this early.

    Samsung many be the first front runner but that don’t mean Samsung is going to take the crown as the best foldable phone in the market. As the day pass I expect another much more better foldable phone from other brands with more amazing feature than Samsung fold 

    • As mentioned in the previous post about foldable smartphone technology, it is not only Samsung who wants to get the title of the best foldable phone. We already saw 2 foldable phones in the race. Very soon we will witness other manufacturers’ versions of foldable phones. I am really looking forward for Apple to release its own version.

  7. Nice review about this amazing phone. I think this is gonna go a long way in competing with galaxy fold after a while. You really shed a good spotlight on the specifications and uniqueness. My greatest con about the phone however is the safety of the screen which is always exposed unless a protective case is made along with it for its protection. 

    • Aside from the price, the major drawback of the Mate X is the exposed screen displays when folded. We all know that the flexible display is not a glass but a plastic, and plastic is prone to scratches.

  8. Hello Dan

    I like the long lasting battery life and the large storage capacity of the Huawei Mate X. I do not need the selfie extras. However with a 600 dollar difference from the Galaxy Fold, I might be trying the Fold instead. Unless the price comes down of course. Thank you for the insight.

    • The Mate X’ price is really unbelievable and cannot be afford by common users. I am expecting a cheaper Mate X. Let us wait a little longer until the competition get stiff and it will surely drag the price down naturally.

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