Best Magnetic Phone Car Mount, Not Just A Phone Holder

I am always amazed to innovative products that are being developed to make our lives more convenient. Recently, I came across with a cellphone case that has made also into a cellphone charger and a cellphone holder that is wireless charging compatible.

There are great collections of magnetic phone holders in the market and most are not compatible with wireless charging. Surprisingly, there are 2 phone holders that have made it possible to combine the convenience of magnetic phone holder and wireless charging into one device. Let us find out which is the best magnetic phone car mount and wireless charger.


1. Neotrix Car Mount Cellphone Holder Charger

Product Name: Magnetic QI Wireless Car Charger Mount, Neotrix Mobile Cell Phone Air Vent Magnet Car Cradle Charging Holder

Size : 2.8 x 2.8 x 2 inches

Wireless Output : 5W

Compatibility : Qi enabled or wireless charging-supported devices

Application : Car Air Vent

Category : Car mount phone holder + Wireless charger


Product Description

Neotrix Qi wireless car mount charger is a unique product combining the convenience of wireless charging to a cellphone holder plus the versatility of magnetic application. This is designed specifically to hold wireless-charging-enabled phones into your car’s air vent. It is made up of 14 coated permanent magnets to hold your device securely even if you are driving in a bumpy road. Magnetic holders are usually not compatible with wireless charging but this phone holder is.
Neotrix Qi wireless car mount charger

Product Unboxing

The package comes with a wireless charger, 2 metal rings, and a micro-USB cable. The metal rings are use for smartphones that have weak magnetic body characteristic. Just sandwich the rings between your phone and case and you are ready to go. The USB cable is for connecting the charger to your car.


Product Features

This device has an array of permanent magnets surrounding the transmitter coil which does not block the wireless charging making it possible to function as a magnetic phone holder and a wireless charger at the same time.

The prominent feature of magnetic type phone holder is how it is easy to mount your phone in the holder. Just place it with one hand and remove it easily with one hand unlike other types which you need to adjust the arms or press the buttons. When you use the standard wireless charger, you just need to place your phone directly on the charging pad, and this product functions the same way.

The rounded shape of the holder makes it possible to place the phone in any viewing angle you prefer. Its rotating ball between the holder and the clip allows a 360 degrees rotation so you can tilt your phone in any direction you want. The clip is made up of soft silicone to prevent scratches to your air vent.

The charger’s surface is covered with anti-scratch and anti-slip padding to protect your phone from any damage and to make it more stable in place.

Although this car mount phone holder is made for Qi wireless-compatible smartphones, you can use it for non-wireless-enabled devices by installing a receiver which is sold separately. Just be reminded that phone cases that are leather, too thick(more than 2 mm) and too rugged such as the Otterbox are not compatible with wireless charging.

The output of the charger is 5V/1A or 5W which is the standard for wireless charging. However, you can make it into a fast charger by using Quick Charge 2.0/3.0 adapter.

Plus :

  • Dual-function cellphone holder and wireless charger.
  • Compatible with all Qi or wireless-charging-enabled phones.
  • Convenience of magnetic holder.
  • 360-degree rotation adjustable viewing angle.

Drawbacks :

  • Does not support fast charging.
  • Not for dashboard or windshield.


2. Nillkin Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder and Wireless Charging Pad

Product Name: Nillkin 2-in-1 Qi Wireless Charging Pad & Magnetic Car Mount Air Vent Holder

Size : 2.2 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches

Wireless Output : 10 W

Compatibility : Qi enabled or wireless charging-supported devices

Application : Car Air Vent

Category : Car mount phone holder + wireless charger


Product Description

Nillkin 2-in-1 Qi wireless charger and holder is a dual-function device. It is a combination of a wireless charger and a cellphone holder. In addition, this product has made it possible to work wireless charging with magnetic type of holder. We all know that direct magnetism affects wireless charging. Nillkin has designed this magnetic holder where in the magnets are located so as they do not interfere with the wireless charging process.
Nillkin 2-in-1 Qi wireless charger and holder

Product Unboxing

The package comes with a fast wireless charger, N-shaped metal sheets, X-shaped magnets, and micro-USB cable. The N-shaped metal plates are pasted at the back of your phone to hold your device firmly especially for phones that have weak magnetic body characteristics like the Samsung phones. The X-shaped magnetic plates are also placed same way the N-shaped metal plates but the magnets are on the 4 corners only. The center area are not magnetic so as not to hinder the wireless charging.


Product Features

One of the features that this product can offer is its ability to conduct fast-charging. Its output is 10W unlike the standard wireless charging output of 5W. Samsung smartphones supports fast charge so this holder charger is definitely compatible. However, iPhones do not support fast charging so you need a quick charge adapter to utilize this function.

Please be reminded that wired charging is faster than wireless charging so don’t expect that the wireless fast charge of this product is as fast as the wired one although the manufacturer promises an 80% charging efficiency.

For better wireless charging experience with this product, Nillkin has developed its own Magic Case for iPhones and Samsung Phones that has built-in magnets and wireless charging receiver.

Although the allowable wireless transmission distance is less than 6mm, too thick or too rugged cases such as Otterbox would interfere the wireless charging process. The holder provides a strong hold of your phone but be sure that the metal sheets or magnetic plates touch the holder’s surface directly to set your phone firmly in place.

The metal sheets and magnetic plates are designed to be attached directly on the back of the phone, but if you want to attach them on the back of your phone case, be sure that the case surface can work firmly with the adhesive, otherwise it would peel off.

The charger is equipped with TVS intelligent protection technology that protects the charger from being damage from high voltage when you start your car. Its advanced WPC Qi standard wireless charging technology, provides the charger an 80% charging efficiency which is higher than its competitors.

This holder is designed for car air vent installation and it is compatible with almost 98% of car in the market. The body has rotating stainless steel ball that provides a 360-degree rotation and allows you to adjust your phone in any viewing angle you prefer. It has a LED light indicator on the side tat shows the charging status.

Plus :

  • 2-in-1 cellphone holder + wireless charger.
  • Convenience of magnetic holder.
  • Supports fast charging.
  • Wider wireless transmission distance (6mm max).
  • Comes with 2 types of metal and magnetic plates.
  • Compatible with all Qi wireless-enabled phones
  • TVS intelligent protection technology.


  • Not for dashboard or windshield


Final Verdict

Both car mount phone holders are unique innovations incorporating the wireless charging technology to a magnetic phone holder. Most magnetic holders are not compatible with wireless charging but these holders were intelligently designed to make it possible. I prefer the one which supports fast charging. These innovative products would be more amazing if they have built-in battery just like the standard wireless charger.

So which do think is the best magnetic phone car mount? Share your thoughts and views below. We would also appreciate if you click the SHARE buttons below.

Dan Sicat


  1. I’m in the market for a new smartphone holder as I just bought the new iphone xs and it had wireless charging, which my current holder doesn’t support.

    Which of the two is the smallest looking? I can’t see that from your pictures. I prefer my phone holder to be discrete.

    • Since iPhone x does not really support wireless fast charge (it support wired fast charging though), Neotrix magnetic phone holder is the best choice. The design is more minimalist than the Nillkin and it works best with iPhones. 

  2. I really need something like this to keep aware of activities in work when I’m on the move, but I was wondering how these sort of things work out on the side of the law?

    We now have strict laws in the UK regarding phones and driving – what’s the lowdown on these magnetic holders and what can you do from them as you are driving?

    • Although I am not in the UK, I assume that laws in UK with regards to safe driving is the same worldwide. The laws prohibit using smartphone or any object that can drive away your focus on the road while driving. In other states or countries, putting any thing on the windshield which could block the driver’s sight is prohibited. 

      The good thing about these holders is that it enables to use your phone such as a GPS device and answer calls, use the voice search without removing your hands from the wheel. 

  3. This was a good read. I also prefer the fast charging option, with our busy lives it is nice to have this as an option. The magnetic connection is fabulous and I could see it working well instead of a clunky holder like we normally see. The ability to wireless charge is a must in this case. One less charger needed for the car that way.  Good comparison of these options, you explained them both well. Nice Post


    • Yes, the magnetic mount is more convenient than the standard holder with side arms especially for people who are always on the go. Incorporating the wireless charging to magnetic holder has just made it more convenient. It would be more amazing if they can store energy similar with standard wireless chargers.

  4. Hello Dan,

    I have been looking at possibly purchasing one of these for my car but I am a little concerned with the fact that a magnet is located so close to my phone. In my mind, and this could be an antiquated understanding, magnets and electronics are really not the best of friends.

    Could you possibly shed some light on why this will not be a problem on these mounts?

    Thanks so much for you assistance.


    • In order for these magnetic holders to function, metal plates or magnetic strips are being attached directly to your phone through adhesive tape. This is because smartphone body does not conduct direct magnetism very well. So you need adhesive to stick even the magnetic plates. The adhesive tape may also serve as an insulator. 

      With regards to wireless charging, the magnets will only affect the wireless charging process if they are located in the so-called sweet spot which is the center of the phone. These 2 magnetic holders have made it possible to locate the magnet away from the center, thus making it possible also to conduct wireless charging. 

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