Mobile Phone Accessories

Mobile phone accessories or smartphone accessories are the hardware that come with your smartphones or mobile phones upon purchase. Normally when you buy a new unit it comes with only 2 must-have accessories to enjoy the basic features of the mobile device. These are the unit charger and earphones. Sometimes depending on the model such as TV-enabled smartphone comes with an antenna in the package.

Most often than not, these 2 basic mobile phone accessories are the ones that get easily damaged either by factory defect or by incorrect usage regardless of the brand. I experienced this kind of condition with both budget and high-end mobile phones. I shifted to buying high-end smartphones because I thought that accessories are more durable considering their high price.

On the contrary, I needed to get replacement of my charger after only 2 months of usage(fortunately covered by warranty) and needed to get replacement of my earphones 3 times in one year (I got fortunate that I was able to get replacement on the 1st one since it was within the warranty period). Yes, the unit itself is more durable and performance is worth the price.

However, the accessories tend to deteriorate and get damage in a short period of usage. Maybe this is one of the business strategies of these manufacturers so you will be forced to buy new ones. Otherwise, they will not manufacture and sell accessories separately

Unlike your mobile phone unit which has a warranty of one year or more, these accessories are not warranted the same as the main device. Manufacturer usually provides warranty for a maximum of 6 months only. After that period whatever the reason of the damage will be, they will not accept the return anymore since it is already outside the warranty period. By that time you will have no choice but to buy new ones. However, buying the same branded one sometimes costs much more than the average but same quality mobile phone accessories.

Aside from the basic mobile phone accessories above, there are now numerous numbers of them that you can purchase to level up or maximize your user-experience of today’s mobile phone technological trends. From solar chargers to Bluetooth headset even selfie camera light. These mobile phone accessories are somehow created to fill the gap that current smartphone manufacturers cannot provide or integrate in their product designs.

I will be covering reviews of these mobile phone accessories in my next posts to provide you with some suggestions and options with the best smartphone accessories out there.

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