Choose The Best Mobile Accessories To Protect Your Phone

As the technology advances, so as the technology in smartphone advances. Things that we thought could only be done in a laptop or PC before, can now be done in your smartphone. Smartphones have become small versions of PC or laptops. The only difference now is the screen size. However, despite this advancement, still smartphones’ vulnerability to damage stays the same. I do not know the reason why, but this vulnerability creates market for best mobile phone accessories. Not good for consumers but it creates jobs for others.

best Mobile phone accessories

In general, there are only 2 categories when it comes to accessories to protect your phone. These are the screen protector and mobile phone case. Phone case has come a long way and has emerged into not only as protective case but also a power bank. It can even be charged through wireless charger and can fully integrate to the phone. Screen protectors are now made as strong as the original screen without affecting the touch screen sensitivity of your smartphone. Even the curved screen of Samsung phones have screen protectors made especially for them.

Choosing the right screen protector

Screen protectors have been a necessity despite the upgrade in smartphone’s screen material from plastic to Corning Gorilla or Dragontrail Glass. We all know that the latest screen technology is almost unbreakable but because smartphones are expensive, we cannot afford to experience the malfunction of the screen. As a result, we opted to protect our device with screen protectors. Below are some guides before you buy a screen protector.

1. First off you need to identify your phone model. Different models have different screen sizes. I often read users’ reviews that the screen protector they purchased does not fit their device from edge to edge. Maybe because they had bought the wrong size or wrong screen protector’s model.

You need to be careful and read manufacturer or seller’s caution. If a seller or manufacturer says not compatible with a certain model, even if it suits your preference, you should refrain from buying it. If you want a perfect fit, buy the specified screen protector for your smart phone model especially for curved screen phones of Samsung.

Although some manufacturers are saying that smaller screen protectors can be used for bigger screens, it is still not advisable to use one since it cannot guarantee full protection for your device’s screen. It is best to buy the just-fit size for your device.

2. Second, you need to identify who are using your phone. If your device is sometimes being used by family members including your smaller kids (which cannot be avoided I guess), drops, falls, bumps are normal scenarios.

In this case, you have to choose the screen protector that can withstand accidental bumps or drops. You may want to consider buying the screen protector that is made up of Dragontrail glass or Corning Gorilla glass, not just the standard type tempered glass. These accessories will double your device’s screen strength against breakage. Although some regular tempered glass have hardness that can provide shatter or crack-free screen.

In case, you are just the sole person using your device, a standard tempered glass will do the trick especially if you are not clumsy just like me, and if your smartphone is one of the high-end ones with durable original screen.

3. When it comes to features, most screen protectors that are being sold in the market now have almost similar features, such as scratch-resistant and fingerprint-resistant tempered glass. They just differ in thickness which somehow have no major effect on the touch screen sensitivity of the screen. The thinnest I encountered is Maxboost iPhone X Screen Protector with only 0.25mm thickness. Another unique screen protector is Whitestone Dome screen protector which uses liquid dispersion technology that repair former cracks and imperfections.

4. There would be no argument about the cost. Screen protectors are inexpensive protection accessories for your smartphone so you might want to install one to secure your phone’s screen.

Choosing the appropriate mobile phone case

Mobile phone cases have already emerged into new devices instead of the standard rubber or plastic cases. With the addition of interesting features, you would be tempted to try one. Check below guidelines on choosing the best case for your smartphone.

1. Similar with screen protectors, knowing the correct fit or model of your device will save you the hassle and money. On one hand, unlike screen protectors, the latest mobile phone cases have wider range of compatibility. Mobile phone waterproof cases and armband cases are great examples.

The JOTO Universal Waterproof Case is compatible with almost models but this case is like a pouch made specifically for people who are inclined to water activities including underwater photography. The case can even be used for other things like storing your important documents like passport during said activities. Another example is Tribe Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband that is also compatible with later smartphone models.

In case of the standard type of phone cases, it is advisable to choose the right size for your device. These types are manufactured specifically for certain models since the manufacturers need to imitate the shape of your device and match the cutouts.

2. Determine your preferences. Some people are not fond of bulky cases while others prefer these armored types. In my case, I want to preserve the original design and shape of my smartphone so I prefer the case that just fits and does not add any bulkiness. If only would manufacturers make smartphones to have really unbreakable screens and breakage-resistant body, I would prefer not to have one but it is just a wishful thinking as of this time.

Other people like cases that reflect their personalities so they prefer cases with prints or customized designs. If you are always on the gym or often do physical exercises, you might want to choose the armband types that are sweat-resistant. Others that are in the business world, might want to buy the leather type cases where you can store credit and business cards.

3. Know what features suits best. As mentioned earlier in this post, phone case has emerged into separate device. It just don’t protect your phone now, but can even charge your device with wireless chargers! They are now the so-called battery cases which integrates a powerbank into the case. As convenient as it seems, it is still better to know if you really need such feature since more and advanced features equals higher price.

If you are not that hardcore mobile gamer or movie or YouTube fanatics, you might not want the additional juice to your device especially if your device’s model is one of the high-ends. On the other hand, if you are always on the go and travels a lot, bringing an extra powerbank is kind of hassle, so battery cases would lighten your baggage, not to mention the convenience it provides.

4. More features, additional cost. These go hand-in-hand not just for mobile phone cases but for every product. The money you might want to spend will depend on the features you prefer. If you are a practical buyer, you may want to buy the case with features that you only need. I can recall buying a Note 5 because of its S-Pen but for the past 2 years, I just used for no more than 10 times. Why? The reason is that I really don’t need to use it that much but it is included in the cost of the phone. I should had bought a different cheaper model without the S-Pen.

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Dan Sicat


  1. Screen protectors and phone cases are an absolute must in today’s smart-phone rich society! Thanks so much for providing informative assistance in how to choose the best accessory for every person’s individual needs.

    There accessories are absolute necessities if you want to invest in a smart phone. It will keep it looking brand spanking new for when the time comes that you perhaps want to sell it 🙂

    • Yes, you are right AnxietyPanda! Protective accessories are must for today’s smartphones. We cannot afford to just let them get damage because of their price especially the screen. When the screen is damaged, it is like buying a new one if it is not covered by the warranty. As you have mentioned, they can also preserve your device’s original looks which makes it possible to resell in a more considerable price. 

  2. A couple of years ago I purchased a brand new phone, within three days I had broken the screen. This was a problem because there is a significant cost to these phones, which was a new model. There was no screen protector available at that point for this model.

    As from that point I have taken the advice given here, get a phone for which there is protection and make sure it fits perfectly.

    These phones are objects which travel with us all of the time so your advice is spot on.

    As for an appropriate mobile phone case I now use my phone case as a card carrier too. This makes it important to choose one of the more bulky one you mention.

    I do like the fact that you also mention that some of these phone covers are a powerbank too. I find this to be an option to consider and will certainly be getting one for my new phone.

    I will be bookmarking your site for this purchase in the not too distant future.

    • Hi Steve! Thanks for dropping by on this post. Several years ago, screen protectors are not that popular yet. Although there were some, but they were not made of glass and not as durable as today’s screen protectors. Nowadays, screen protectors are strong enough as the phone’s original screen. 

      Mobile phone cases have already evolved into battery cases. I recommend them if you are travelling a lot. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. I definitely need to get a screen protector, and probably a new case. I have a clearanced otter box, but it’s not a typical otter box and it’s losing it’s shape. Regarding accessories, do you have any experience with add on camera lenses for iPhone? I have an 8+ and would be really interested in a lens…I know they made some for the 7, but I’m not sure if they do for 8+ given it has portrait mode? I can’t zoom in portrait mode, though, so that’s why I’m interested.

    • Thanks Holly for sharing your experience about mobile phone case. If you want an add on camera for iPhone, you can try Amir camera lenses. They are made of high-grade glass HD SLR lenses and equipped with 10x macro lens. I have a review on these camera addons for smartphones. You can access here.

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