Poweroni Multiple USB Charging Station Hub Review

I am pretty sure that most of us has more than 1 or 2 gadgets at home. There sre times when all of them run out of charge and requires charging at the same time. Can you imagine charging them at the same time? Yes, that sight would be a mess with cluttered cables everywhere. Good thing there are charging stations that will make simultaneous charging of your devices organized without the mess. One of which is the Poweroni Multiple USB Charging Station Hub. Let’s take a look.


Product Name: Poweroni USB Charging Station Dock – 6-Port

No. of Ports : 6 USB Ports

Input : 100~240 V AC 50-60Hz

Output : 5V DC 10A Max

Size : 7.3 in x 5.1 in x 3.1 in

Compatibility : All USB-supported devices

Warranty : 12-month warranty, 30 days return policy

Category : USB charging station



Poweroni USB charging station is a charging hub designed to charge 6 devices simultaneously, without the usual mess or cable clutter. The hub can accommodate 6 devices and align them neatly for an organized charging. Its minimalist design is perfect for not so big available spaces and can be neatly located on a desk or shelves.

This charging station is universally compatible with all USB-supported devices, whether it is a lightning cable-made Apple device or micro-USB or USB-C-supported Android smartphone or tablet. It supports fast charging unlike the standard outlet or standard charger and equipped with smart charging technology.



Universally compatible

Poweroni multiple USB charging station hub has 6 provided USB ports, that allows you to charge 6 different devices at the same time. The product comes with free 7 USB cables (3 lightning cables for Apple devices, 3 Micro-USB cables for Android devices, and a USB-C cable for supported devices) , which are not provided for free by other charging station brands out there.

In case, you do not have Apple devices at home or you want all 6 ports to be micro-USB, or rather want them all to be lightning, you can use your own device’s USB cables, or you can purchase separately. You just need to wind them a little to make them shorter and to keep the tidy look of the charging dock.

You can charge iPhones, Android phones and tablets, iPads, and Kindle tablets, and mount them in the provided partitions in the charging dock. The space between dividers is 0.76 inch which is fairly wide to fit and hold devices in place.

However, if you have thick mobile phone case such as otterbox, you might need to remove it first to fit your phone in the provided space, otherwise charge it with the case on but not placing in the provided partitions, or you can take off the adjoining divider but will not hold your device steadily. By the way, you can also use this charging hub for other USB devices such as PlayStation, cameras, powerbanks, and smartwatches.

Although the charging hub has a considerable weight and a non-slip base to keep it on ts place, in case, you are charging big tablets and smartphones at the same time, it is better to put the heavier tablets at the center or at both ends to maintain the balance of the charging dock. This is to prevent it from possibility of toppling down.

Supports fast charging

One thing that stands out for this charging hub is that it supports fast charging technology. This makes charging time faster which allows you to use your device in no time. Of course, your device must be fast-charging or quick-charge-supported to utilize this feature. Even if you charge 6 fast-charging-supported devices at the same time, the charging hub’s total output power is enough to charge them fully since each port can produce an output of 2.4A.

Smart and safe charging

Poweroni charging dock is equipped with smart circuitry which detects the power needed by your device and optimize the charging. Once the device is completely charged, the charging stops automatically turning the LED indicator OFF, which saves power consumption.

With its safety charging technology, your device is protected from over current or short circuit. Not to mention that this product is certified by ETL, FCC, and POCE, which assures safe charging, so you do not have to worry about overheating or possibility of catching fire.

In case, you are charging at night and you are disturbed by any light, the LED indicator can be turned off with the provided switch ON/OFF at the charging hub’s side.



Poweroni multiple USB charging station hub comes in a nice package ready for gift-giving. Inside the box are 7 plastic dividers or partitions, 7 free USB cables (3 Micro-USB, 3 lightning, and 1 USB-C), a power cord, and of course the charging station. You can find the 6 smart USB ports and the power port at the rear side and a switch button at the side to turn LED indicators ON/OFF.





Having many kids at home is a challenge of keeping the chargers in place. Most often than not, chargers get lost and resorts to buying another one. With a charging station, charging has become centralized in one location. Say goodbye to lost chargers.

Gone is the tangled cords

Charging multiple devices requires you to hang all cables to an outlet or an extension cord which often clutter. Using charging station, you can charge devices and arrange them neatly in one place. This device cleans up the mess.

Compact and Convenient

Comes with different types of cables which allows you to charge multiple items including iPads in one place, easy to set up, and easy to use. The device charges everything. A great tool to organize electronics devices.



  • With 6 smart USB ports, can hold 6 devices
  • Universally compatible with all USB-supported devices
  • Supports fast charging technology
  • Equipped with Smart charging technology
  • Safe charging-certified (ETL, FCC, and POCE)
  • Universal input voltage
  • Backed by 1-year warranty and 30-days return policy
  • Comes with 3 types of charging cables



  • Better if spaces between dividers is adjustable



Charging multiple devices simultaneously will really make your place disorganized with cluttered cables everywhere. Sometimes this condition results to unsafe condition. We always buy different organizers for our things since keeping them neatly is a challenge. Having a multiple USB charging station hub which allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time and organize them in a neat and tidy manner, is I think a very good idea. Not to mention that Poweroni supports fast charging technology, which functions not just an organizer but also a fast charger.

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Dan Sicat


  1. This is an eye opener and i must commend you for putting this together. 

    I have an experience with Powerroni usb charging station; Its one of the best multiple chargers i have ever seen. its very affordable and easy to get. The life span is durable and its of high quality.

    It is compatible with all usb devices. 

    I am very confident of the product. Thanks for sharing with us.

    • Hi Abioye! Thanks for sharing your experience about Poweroni charging station. This is a perfect organizer for charging multiple devices. It has many features including fast charging support and yet it is affordable.

  2. Hello Dan, your article on the poweroni multiple usb charging hub is a good read, but I have a question concerning it. My question is, are you sure it will charge multiple devices at the same rate a single charger would charge those said devices?. Cause I’ve bought a lot of this kind of chargers and they are always over-rated. 

    • Hi Nathaniel! This charging station is equipped with smart charging technology. With regards to the same charging rate, this charging dock automatically detects the power needed by your device, so it optimize the charging rate, meaning the charging rate will be different. As with the over-rated matter, chargers, especially the wireless and fast chargers, do not usually produce the actual rating of the device because. This is because of the actual power needed by your device upon charging. Not to consider the loss of power that is converted to heat during the process.

  3. this looks like a good space saver, but does having all of the slots in use at the same time effect the charge time? I do like the fact it automatically stops charging when it is done, as phone batteries don’t last long anyway.

    You mention it is quite weighty, is it ok to take around with you as I tend to travel around in my job alot?


    • Thanks John for taking time to leave your comments. Yes, the product is a space saver and a must-have organizer for charging your devices. Each of the charging station’s  USB port is equipped with smart charging technology which automatically detects the amount of power your device needs and optimize the charging rate, and each port produces the same output. 

      The weight is 589 grams or a 100 grams heavier than an iPad Air, which I think it is still portable, although a little bulky because of its thickness. The dividers are removable so you can take them off anytime which saves more space during travel, or you can keep the package of the item so that you can put them back again when necessary. If you travel a lot or always on the go, you may want to consider a wireless charger or a battery pack instead.

  4. I just learnt of USB charging station hub and I was pleasantly surprised. I have a lot of gadgets from phone to power bank to headset and it would be much better if I didn’t need different ports to charge them.

    The poweroni multiple USB charging hub would be a good investment. However, does the output of the charging hub reduce when you add more devices??

    • Thanks for dropping by Louis! It is very convenient if you have a centralized charging station. This just not serve as an organizer but eliminates the unsafe condition like stumbling upon the cluttered cables. 

      Each of the USB port is equipped with smart charging technology which automatically detects the amount of power your device needs and optimize the charging rate, and each port produces the same output even if you charge 6 devices simultaneously.

  5. Oh, now this is a brilliant design!  I currently have 4 cords plugged into a power strip sitting on my kitchen desk and it’s always a mess, with long cords dangling all over the place.  But this Poweroni just stacks them all up neatly and I only need ONE plug!  Very cool.  And such a thorough review.  Yes, I agree that it would be even better if you could expand the spacing a bit.  For example, we have two iPads in cases with a keyboard – so they’re pretty thick.  I still think they would both fit on here, but it could be dodgy.  Still, a good idea.  

    • Having multiple devices charging at the same time or just 2 devices would really make your place a mess with cables spread all over. This is also not safe which can cause accidents due to stumbling upon or getting caught with the cords. This charging station will really get rid of the mess. 

      Thanks for sharing your insights Don!

  6. I have been looking for the multiple charging dock for quite sometimes now. Thank you for the review. I have been looking for one of these, all the multiple usb charging port that I have at home is no good, they do not perform well at all, do not have the fast charge, some of the ports work some don’t. I am just gonna invest in this for the sake of my sanity. Cheers!

    • Poweroni is one of the best charging stations in the market right now with lots of good reviews which only proves that it is working. What I like the most is, it is certified as safe charger, which is more important to me. The fast charge feature is just a bonus. Thanks for sharing your experience Nuttanee!

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