Samsung New Foldable Phone, The Galaxy Fold

It seems that 2019 is the birth year of foldable smartphone. Just very recently, Feb 20 to be exact, Samsung new foldable phone has been unveiled. This is the first foldable smartphone to be released commercially, although it will only be available from April 26.

Maybe you had heard from last year that Samsung is developing a smartphone display technology that is capable of folding or flexing. Well, that is not just an information anymore since the newest model of the Galaxy series has been unveiled which possesses said technology, the Galaxy Fold. Finally, its name was revealed after all the guesses from Galaxy X to Galaxy Flex. Let’s see what this device can offer.

Samsung New Foldable Phone

Size that fits in your single hand

The Galaxy Fold when unfolded is 7.3 inch in size. This is a little smaller than iPad Mini(7.9”) or Galaxy Tab A(8.0”) but is large enough to open 3 apps simultaneously without sacrificing the viewing experience. When folded, the screen becomes 4.6 inch which can be operated by a single hand just like the standard handheld phones. When you see the Galaxy Fold, you can actually imagine a book that you can open and close.

Flexible Display

The Infinity Flex Display is what makes the Galaxy Fold screen capable of folding. This is not a glass but is made of special polymer that has been announced by Samsung before. Based on the unpacking event done last February 20, the display looks fine from a far when watching videos but I do not know if it can be compared to the glass display of the latest S10 series. This is yet to confirm when the actual phone is released to the public.

Powerful and Seamless Performance

The Galaxy Fold is equipped with Octacore Qualcomm processors and with a massive 12 GB of RAM which makes this device so powerful that it can support multitasking and running 3 apps at the same time. On the other hand, almost the same specs can be seen in the Galaxy S10 plus. With these specs we can be sure of fluid performance and hardcore mobile gamers will definitely love this high-end device.

With its ONE UI interface and Samsung-modified Android 9 OS, the Galaxy Fold promises a seamless switching of apps from smartphone mode to tablet mode. Moreover, the Galaxy Fold supports Universal Flash Storage 3.0 (UFS 3.0), which promises faster and efficient data transport.

Twin Batteries

Samsung has equipped the device with 2 batteries working together to produce a total of 4380mAh that is a little lower than the iPad mini. Separating 2 batteries is I think a common sense considering the space available but making them to work together to produce a single output is a brilliant idea.

If you have noticed, current tablets’ battery capacity ranges from 6000mAh and above. If you think of it, it seems that the battery life won’t last a day if you use it in the tablet mode continuously. On the other hand, with its powerful processors, revolutionized user interface, and support for power-saving UFS 3.0, 4380mAh may be enough to power this foldable device which can last more than a day. This is yet to be confirmed when the product is available in April.

Massive Storage Capacity

Galaxy Fold boasts a massive capacity of 512GB of internal storage although the S10 plus has 1TB option. Anyway, 512GB of storage is really a lot more than can consume by a smartphone user unless you are a mobile photographer or a movie fanatic where you store all your pictures and videos in the phone.

Always-Ready Camera

This Samsung new foldable phone is designed to get pictures or videos in any angle. It is equipped with 6 high-end cameras. Three at the back (rear camera), 2 inside when unfolded (tablet mode), and one in front (selfie camera in phone mode). Capturing moments is made available from any mode whether you are in the tablet mode or in the smartphone mode.

Supports the Fastest Internet

Galaxy Fold is not only the first commercially released foldable phone but it will be the first smartphone to support true 5G internet network which is the latest and fastest. 5G is not yet commercially released but Samsung has already designed the phone to support the future internet connectivity. Combining the Galaxy Fold’s high-end specs and 5G would be an imaginable internet browsing or loading speed.

High-End Device

Galaxy Fold will be one of the most powerful smartphone to date. It is packed with high-end specs and sophisticated features which will surely change the game in smartphone technology. The device boasts a multi-tasking feature where you can operate 3 apps at the same time. Another great feature is the app continuity. Switching from a smartphone screen to tablet screen is just like opening and closing a book. Consequently, app developers need to upgrade their applications for foldable phone compatibility.



Some Drawbacks

It is very obvious that this device is not made for the ordinary smartphone users. Galaxy Fold is priced at a staggering $1980 which is too expensive for common individuals. It is a luxury device and not for everyone. However, later as the other competitors release their own versions of foldable phones, the price would go down naturally but not to the point of slashing it into half. On the other hand, we may see lite versions of it such as lower RAM or lower storage capacity.

One of the difficult challenges in foldable phone is how to keep it flat when folded. This can be seen in the Galaxy Fold. There is a noticeable little gap near the hinge’ side when you fold the phone. Samsung has invented a hinge technology that can be folded and unfolded more than 100 thousand times, but as in every hinge-type device, a little gap is also formed near the hinge when folded. I presume Samsung is aware of this and said downside may be corrected when the device is released for consumers in April, otherwise, we may expect improvement in the later versions.

The appearance of front display (smartphone mode) is not so appealing. The front has very thick bezel especially the top and bottom sides. We are already used to the bezel-less Galaxy series and it is very surprising for others why Samsung did not keep that bezel-less display that consumers have already loved. However, if you examine more, you would know the reason why. Galaxy Fold is taller than the standard phone. If the whole front side is made into a display without the bezel, it would be difficult to operate it with a single hand.

There is also a noticeable notch at the corner inside the device where the cameras are located. At first glance, it doesn’t look nice. On the other hand, if you consider access to the icons at the top, it is better to put it at the corner rather than the center.



It cannot be denied that the Galaxy Fold is the future of smartphone. With the earlier than expected release of Samsung new foldable phone, this tech giant just wanted to prove that they are the pioneer when it comes to technologies in smartphone, and they succeeded.

The Galaxy Fold is the first foldable smartphone to be released commercially and first phone to support 5G network. We may see some drawbacks since it is a first generation device but we can expect enhancement in the next versions.

What do you think of Samsung new foldable phone? Please share your insights below. We would also appreciate if you Click one of the SHARE Buttons below.


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Dan Sicat


  1. Thanks for this interesting post, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is more than just a phone. the fact that It’s a foldable device that can transform from phone to tablet and back again makes this special, it has all it takes to be called a phone but one question I have always wanted ask is if this phone supports 5G.

    • Hi Seun! Galaxy Fold is the first foldable phone to be released commercially and it would be the first phone to support true 5G internet network.

  2. Hi Dan Sicat,

    Thank you for sharing this great informational article about Samsung New Foldable Phone. Here you have a thorough discussion with a variety of Samsung Foldable Phone. I have learned a lot about New Foldable Phonein your article. I want to buy a Samsung New Foldable Phone. I believe from your write up it will it’s lot of advanced phone.

    • Yes this is a high-end features-packed smartphone that you can only find in the Galaxy Fold. However, the features and high-end specifications come with a staggering price that a common consumer cannot afford. This is a luxury device not for everyone.

  3. Dan,it is just great to find a blog post on foldable Smartphone which has just surfaced in the arena. What I construed from one of your paragraph is that its not altogether a new technology. And, instead we have tasted this technology with variety of other gadgets in the past. I have used basic-phones almost 15 years back with foldable features and ar that time they were a craze. But of course, the introduction of similar features in smartphone is new thing. Enjoyed reading the post wherein the clarity links are just apt and provide better clarity on certain terms.

    One thing though, I am curious about knowing if you mean these smartphone would be a new craze??  

    • The flexible display technology is not new but how it is developed and applied in the Galaxy Fold is really amazing. I am sure these foldable phones would be the new craze except that they cost much!

  4. Hi Dan,

    I am glad to read this review, I have been excited ever since I heard rumors of this new technology, although also a bit apprehensive about the cost. This Galaxy featuring 12gb of RAM is awesome! And 512 gb of storage is a big as earlier PC’s, now you hold it in your hand. wow. And six camera’s…I love, love, love the super wide angle feature! The price tag is a bit high for me, however it is not bad if you consider you have a great camera, a nice sized computer, and a phone with a bigger screen.All in one package. For a business man who need the computing on the go, I like the idea! 

    Thanks for this great review of this product!


    • Hi Chas! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the Galaxy Fold. This new foldable phone is a portable PC right in your hand that is transformable into a smartphone. Yes the price is a bit high if you just compared it to a standard smartphone. On the other hand, for those individuals who do their jobs with a laptop or PC, the Galaxy Fold is a great alternative.

  5. Hello Dan,

    I have read your article on Samsung New Foldable Phone, The Galaxy Fold. i really appreciate your good work, you have discussed about its positive and negative sides. it is for millionaires because too expensive and mid class people can not even think about it. it would be great if its price is lesser than $1000. thank you for this nice article. 

    • The device is not made for the mid class people but a luxury device for the well-off and for people who are willing to invest in first gen devices. We may expect lite version of this device in the future as the competition gets stiff but we cannot expect lower than $1000, I think. 

  6. Hi Dan! This is really impressive! Wao 12 GB of RAM. I’d love to be able to have 3 apps running simultaneously. And 512 GB of internal storage is much more than what I can consume. But it’s nice to have them available.

    I know the price is more than what I can afford. And as you have stated, there is no hope it could be slashed by half. But I like to follow what’s trending and see how the competence unfolds.

    Thank you very much for this post. I’ll be looking forward to next April, 26th to see more reviews.

    • The Galaxy Fold, is really an amazing device not just because it is the first foldable phone but because of its high-end specs. Moreover, it will be the first device to support true 5G internet connectivity. Of course, considering these features, we cannot argue more about the price. It is better to wait a little longer until the competition gets strict which usually brings the prices down.

  7. Strangely enough I only recently wrote an article on this very topic, but it is great to see that you have gone into it in more depth. I will point out however, that the raison d’être for the development of these phones is that sales of smartphones have been dropping year-on-year and the main driver of sales nowadays is screen size. 

    Not only is the new Samsung foldable, but apparently it will also provide users with the same ability to multitask as one would on a larger form factor device. For me, it remains to be seen whether consumers are so enamoured of screen size and the ability to multitask that they are willing to fork out over $1,900 for a smartphone. 

    Lastly, I remember with great nostalgia and fondness the Motorola Razor from the early noughties. They were  stylish and snazzy and added a great deal of chic when snapped open to take a call or snapped shut to end it. With the best will in the world, from the demonstration, I don’t see that this particular phone has quite the same elegance. This is something that you yourself touched upon and I think we are in absolute agreement there.

    • Thank you for sharing your insights and knowledge about latest trend in smartphone technology. Samsung released the Galaxy Fold earlier than expected because it wanted to prove that they are the pioneer when it comes to technology in smartphone which is expected to boost its declining sales, well as you have said, even other manufacturers do. 

  8. Hi Dan, The New Samsung Foldable Smartphone sounds very interesting. It appears to be really for the people who are more used to working with a more sophisticated phone and camera. The ability for it to fold would make it much easier to put into a handbag. 

    What concerns me is the fact that there is a gap where the hinges are and perhaps dirt could get into it which might be difficult to clean out This is something I would I am looking forward to seeing for myself as I love to see the new innovations.

    Thank you for way you put forward the pros and cons of this new smart phone.

    • Hi Jil! Thanks for dropping by. The Galaxy Fold is a high-end device with high-end features and specifications. The device is perfect for people who do lots of computing tasks. However, if you cannot utilize all the features in your daily lives aside from the fact that it is foldable, it is better to opt to other models which suits your daily smartphone usage. 

  9. It seems that 2019 is the birth year of foldable smartphone and no doubt about it Samsung is leading the cruise! Being a known brand market for it first ever foldable phone will be a bite of an apple. I love Samsung smartphones, sleek design, speed and good camera are my pet on Samsung smartphones. I am sure this will not be different! The Galaxy Fold is the first foldable smartphone to be released commercially and first phone to support 5G network. We may see some drawbacks since it is a first generation device but we can expect enhancement in the next versions.Any idea how much it will cost? Hope it will not be heavy with double batteries?

    • Apple did not enter the race for the first foldable smartphone maybe because it is waiting on how would the buying consumers react to this technology. Recently, Apple has also patented a foldable phone of its own. We may expect a foldable iPhone next year. I think the weight will still be portable even with two batteries since the display is now made of polymer which is lighter than glass. 

  10. Thanks for posting this review on new Samsung foldable phone. I have been looking for review on it and all the feature it has. Looking at  Galaxy Fold it is the first foldable phone from the Samsung and with all this feature and 5g network, I can say it a good device to have in hand. But the only discouragement I see is the tag price on it and I know something is going to be done about it soon

    • Hi Ajibola! All of us were amazed about its awaited released and many were also awed about its price. On the other hand, if you heard recently about Huawei foldable phone’s price, the Galaxy Fold is cheaper though.

  11. Great article about Samsung galaxy foldable. The phone really caught my attention when released and I can’t wait to get my hands on one, of course not now, I mean when it’s cheaper. The fold has been giving me a deep concern just like you wrote until I read it can be folded more than 100,000 times before any fault can be noticed. Wonderful post, keep up the good work. 

    • Ability to fold and unfold it 100 thousand times is I think is already enough for the phone’s lifespan. I am sure by that time, you would already want a new one since newer models are already in the market.

  12. Hello Dan, this is interesting, wow, foldable smartphone? I can bet it will be a superb phone to handle. I can’t wait for April 26 when it will be available to come. Samsung seems to be leading so far, lets what other companies have to offer as we approach the middle of this year. I love the fact that the smartphone is flexible enough with twin batteries for that matter. The price is really on a higher side, but with time, it will definitely come down. The Samsung Galaxy fold will be a delight to behold.

    • Being the first foldable phone and first phone to support 5G, the Galaxy Fold is really a must-watch out device. Not to mention its awesome features and specifications. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Gracen!

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