Top 13 Cool Smartphone Accessories

I listed down the top smartphone accessories available out there that you can consider in order to optimize the features of your mobile phone or smartphone. Some of these smartphone accessories are not just for fun or entertainment but will definitely save your day if you have them especially in case of emergency. So what are the must have smartphone accessories available in the market?


top smartphone accessoriesSolar Charger

Save your day with this must-have smartphone or mobile phone accessory. Have you experienced doing outdoor activities where in you needed to call someone but your mobile phone’s battery is drained? You looked for electricity source but couldn’t find one.

This smartphone or mobile phone accessory will convert the ample energy of the sun into usable electrical power for your mobile phone or smartphone needs using solar cells. As long as there is sunshine, you can always count on this handy solar power portable charger.

You can now enjoy fishing, camping, mountain trekking, or going to the beach without worrying about draining your mobile phone or smartphone battery. You can even enjoy the latest mobile phone or smartphone technology trends even in places with scarce electrical power sources.


Power bank

With the fast advancement of technology in mobile devices, smartphones have become so powerful with lightning speed performance. However, these technological advancements consume more power than usual so the battery tends to get empty very fast. Even in normal use, the battery lasts only for a day.

Sometimes you are in places or in an event where you need to charge your phone but you are away from electrical source(outlet) or electrical source is not readily accessible. Having a power bank accessory will make your day or even night worry-free of low or empty battery. Just make sure to charge it always:) This is also very handy in times of emergency or brownout.

Bluetooth Wireless Earphone, Earbuds, Headphone

I cannot imagine a day without listening to my favorite music from my smartphone. Earphone or headphone has been very essential in my everyday routine. With the application of the latest technology not only in smartphones but in audio devices, you can now enjoy a wireless experience listening to your favorite music, watching your favorite movie, or talking to someone conveniently without the hassle of enfolding or unwrapping the cable every time you use them.


On-The-Go or OTG USB Flash Drive

Not all mobile phones and smartphones have expandable storage feature. Sometimes when your budget is tight, you opt to buy the model with smaller internal storage and you realize later after taking few videos and several pictures that your device is running out of internal memory storage. When that time comes you are put in a dilemma where you need to decide which pictures or videos are less important to you for deletion.

Sometimes you try to capture a remarkable scene and when you press the video start button a caution “not enough memory” is displayed. Well that is frustrating, right. Sometimes in order to free up some memory of your handset you transfer files in a common USB type but can only be viewed in your computer.

At present, smartphone makers including Google offers free cloud services. However, it costs time and money to upload your files especially if you are in a data cap plan. Once saved in your cloud storage, you need internet connection to access them.

If you have an OTG USB flash drive, you can create an extra external storage that you can access with your smartphone anywhere even without internet connection. Just plug in to your smartphone and it automatically displays the files. You can easily transfer files from your smartphone to the OTG USB and vice versa. You can also view your pictures, watch your videos, or listen to your audio files directly from the flash drive. Although this function is mostly supported by the latest smartphone models,
just be sure that your phone supports OTG function.


Micro-SD Memory Card

If your smartphone or mobile phone supports expandable storage feature, then instead of buying the OTG USB flash drive, you can just purchase an additional external memory card to boost your memory storage to save your files. There are lots of Micro SD card available now in the market ranging up to 400GB. Well that’s a lot of storage capacity!

Bluetooth Speakers

Not all mobile phone or smartphone features are created equal. Usually when you get the best camera phone or lightning speed performance phone, you get less of its audio feature. It is very difficult to find smartphone with good camera, better performance and good audio output in just one smartphone. When one feature is upgraded by the manufacturer, the other one is sometimes sacrificed.

However, this is not a problem anymore nowadays. If you want to jack up the audio output of your smartphone, you should try Bluetooth wireless speakers. This will allow you to amplify the audio feature of your not so good mobile phone or smartphone audio output.


Selfie Camera Light

If your smartphone has no dual front-facing camera, it is frustrating to get good and beautiful selfie pictures. You sometimes need to try different views or angles just to get the perfect selfie picture. If you love to take selfies and you do not want to buy the latest smartphone models, you can still improve and enjoy taking selfie pictures by using a selfie camera light or camera lens with selfie camera light.

This smartphone accessory provides extra light for your front-facing camera that can be adjusted depending on your preferred brightness. This accessory will allow you to capture beautiful pictures and videos even in very low light conditions.


Selfie Stick

If you are a selfie-lover, you do not want to miss this smartphone accessory too. This allows you to capture not only your self but including more of your selfie background. In addition, if your smartphone has no wide angle feature, this accessory can do the trick. There are many available types of camera selfie stick out there, some can be converted into tripod, while others even have selfie remote shutter.


Cellphone Mounts or Holders

Not at all times you want to hold your handset especially when watching videos in bed, cooking while looking at your favorite recipe online, talking to someone while driving or using your handset with GPS, or doing other things that require you to put down your device.

Cellphone mount or phone holder will just fit these needs. As the name suggests, this accessory holds your phone firmly in place and can be adjusted with your preferred viewing angle.

Cell phone Armbands

If you love jogging, biking, or doing exercises and you want that your phone to be as close to you to answer calls anytime or listen to your favorite music while doing these activities simultaneously without the discomfort, it is better to have a cellphone armband.

Cellphone armband will allow you to enjoy exercising while not missing any calls or enjoying your favorite music at the same time. Depending on your activity, cell phone armbands are available in different types. You can even purchase waterproof types designed for water sport activities such as swimming.


VR Headsets

Virtual reality(VR) is changing the way how we enjoy mobile games. In the near future most mobile games will have VR versions. This technology levels up your game experience as if you are inside or part of the game. You can interact in a virtual reality environment. Partnered with this VR mobile games for you to enjoy VR in your smartphone, you need a VR headset. Fortunately there are affordable VR headsets in the market.


Mini Mobile Projector

 Aside from connecting your smartphone to a TV screen or computer monitor, did you know that you can now enjoy bigger screens while watching your video in your smartphone anywhere? By connecting it to a smartphone mini portable projector, you can now magnify your smartphone’s screen.

Are there other cool top smartphone accessories that you think should be added to the above list ?

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