Lightsky Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Wireless Earbuds Review

I am music-lover and I cannot imagine a day without my earphones. It has been my routine to listen to my favorite music every day I go to work and back home. I think this is one of most indispensable smartphone accessories but at the same time this accessory gets easily broken.

Based on my experience, most of the time the connection between the earphone jack and the cable wires get pinched or soldering inside the rubberized protective covering gets loose. Replacement of the same branded accessory would cost you much.

Lightsky Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

With the latest technology trends in smartphones nowadays, this problem may not be encountered anymore. Manufacturer like Apple is now omitting the earphone jack. Instead, a wireless Bluetooth wireless earphones or earbuds or wireless headphones are paired to your smartphone to access your media audio files.

If you visit Amazon.com or search the web, there are lots of wireless headphones and wireless earbuds being advertised. I find it very difficult to choose which one is the best.

After researching the net of the best wireless earphones or headphones out there, I stumbled with this Lightsky wireless earbuds and wireless headphones which has interesting features for a decent price.

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Product Name: Lightsky Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Wireless Earphones with 800mAh Charging Box

Weight: 0.16 ounces

Battery : 50mAh (earbuds) , 1000mAh (Charging Case)

Wireless Connectivity : Bluetooth V4.2

Warranty : 90 days money back guaranty + 2 years Manufacturer’s Warranty + Lifetime Technical Support

Sold by : Lightsky

Category : earphones/headphones



Lightsky Bluetooth earbuds and wireless Bluetooth headphones are designed for Apple and Android smartphones especially for the latest models where in earphone jack is not available anymore. This product comes with powerful portable charger that you can carry with you anywhere and anytime. If fully charged, the pairs of ear buds power can last up to 3 hours continuous talk time.

It is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2+CVC 6.0 on both sides which is compatible even with smartphones’ latest model that has the Bluetooth V5.0 since Bluetooth versions are backward compatible. With its 33ft operation range (with no obstacles) , you can roam around inside the house without worrying of pairing disconnection.


This product has HD Stereo sound with outside noise-cancelling feature for clear fidelity. Imagine you are in gym with no sound being heard but your favorite music playing. The left earbud only is equipped with a built-in microphone (similar when you put your phone in one ear during phone calls).

Instead of buttons, the earbuds use sensitive panels on their sides. You can Answer calls, Play or Pause music, and even Take Photos with just one touch of the panels. Touch it twice to Play Next songs. Tapping it thrice will activate the voice-controlled personal assistant SIRI of Apple smartphones and tapping it for 5 seconds will open the LED breathing light of the earbuds. Long press for 8 seconds to turn them off.

This product uses almost the latest Bluetooth technology that is currently being used in latest smartphone models. Since Bluetooth versions are backward compatible, there should be no problem with the pairing up with flagship smartphones using the most recent Bluetooth V5.0 version. For seamless pairing, after you wear the 2 earbuds, you need to pair them first by holding both of their panels for 3 seconds simultaneously before pairing them up with your phone.

Since this Bluetooth earbuds are cordless, you do not have to worry of entangling or getting your way when you move.

The earbuds are also lightweight with only 0.16 ounces of weight and comes in 3 pairs of ear caps to find the perfect fit for your ear, with no trouble of falling out even during strenuous physical exercises or activities.

The charging case is equipped with 1000mAh battery that can charge the earbuds 8 times. The earbuds charge can last up to 3 hours in continuous calls. Good thing that charging takes only minimum of 30 minutes. The LED lights flashes when charging.

Aside from smartphones, these wireless headphones are compatible with tablets, laptops and all Bluetooth-enabled devices and pairs up easily.

Summary of Features

  • HD stereo sound with outside noise cancellation
  • Built-in microphone (left ear only)
  • No button. Uses sensitive panels on the sides of the earbuds.
  • Can Activate SIRI and can use as a shutter to take photos
  • Super Lightweight and comes with 3 pairs of caps for comfortable fit
  • Equipped with 1000mAh charger
  • Equipped with Bluetooth V4.2, easy pairing and long range (33 ft)



Lightsky wireless earbuds comes in a premium packaging. Inside the small box are a pair of earbuds, 3 pairs of ear caps(SM,M,L), a charging case or dock, a USB cable, a carry case, a wiping cloth, and a user manual. Overall the product looks premium for a very decent price.



Sound quality is better than expected for its price

Despite the reasonable price for a pair of this wireless earbuds, the sound quality is not crappy but premium-like that of the expensive brands. The sound is clear and crisp that you can hear clearly the person on the other line during calls.

There is no outside sound interference due its noise-cancelling feature. It has solid bass and just the right amount of highs and lows that allows you to hear the other instruments as well. The sound is stable even when running. The sound quality is better than expected for its price.

Lots of features for less price

The outside noise-cancelling feature is effective perfect for any exercises that needs concentration or if you don’t want to be disturbed

The battery life lasts long as advertised and charges power very quickly for 30 minutes. You can listen to continuous music for 10-12 hours with a full charge or continuous calls up to 4 hours.

Since the charging dock is portable, you can always carry with you anywhere and anytime.

The earbuds work separately so you can choose whether to use one or two and you can charge them separately. In addition, charging the earbuds is very handy. Just plug the earbuds on the charging case, then the charging will start automatically. The Bluetooth earbuds with microphone has LED lights which indicate battery level.

The charging case which has magnetic strips keeps the cover closed and serves as a charger and storage at the same time. The earbuds Bluetooth pairing connection is fast, impressive long range, and no significant disconnection or dropouts. Pairing it with smartphones, laptops, and Bluetooth-enabled media audio devices is effortless.

The side panels functions very well, with its left ear built-in mic, you can easily control call-answering or call-rejecting, play or pause a song, play next songs, activate SIRI, or take pictures. With its hands-free feature you can answer your phone safely and quickly even working at heights.

These earbuds are waterproof and sweat-proof, so you can use them during any physical exercises especially in the gym.

Fits snugly inside the ear and don’t fall out

Great for any workout, running, biking, aerobics, or gym exercises as they allow you to move freely without worrying about the cables being entangled either by itself or in the gym equipment. The earbuds fits very well in the ear canal so they stay in place and don’t fall out. They feel that you are not wearing them at all. You just need to find the perfect fit from the 3 pairs of ear caps. They even fit comfortably under any helmet.



  • Earbuds come in pairs- but can function separately
  • Comfortable fit –comes with 3 pairs of ear caps
  • Lightweight
  • Decent sound quality for a reasonable price
  • Dependable Battery life
  • Charges quickly
  • Comes with own charger and USB charging cable.
  • Equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 that pairs easily to any Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Long signal range up to 33ft
  • Water/Sweat-resistant
  • Easy operation with touch-sensitive panels
  • Can activate SIRI and functions as camera button for taking photos
  • 90 days money-back guaranty


  • Only one earbud has built-in mic
  • No volume-control by itself



If you are on the budget but still want to get advantage of the convenience of this wireless technology, this product is a better alternative for high-end or expensive brands. The sound quality is almost the same but for a cheaper price. With its 90 days money-back guaranty and 2 years manufacturer’s warranty, I can say that trying it out is risk-free.


If you find this product review helpful, please feel free to leave your comments, suggestions, or questions below.



Dan Sicat


  1. I think i am going to give these Light sky Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Wireless Earphones a try, I am in the middle of an important training that require the use of earphones when listening in on live classes.My current earphones can not cancel out other sounds so its hard to pay attention without being distracted when at home because there is usually a lot going on

     I also think the 90 day warranty and life time customer support is a great incentive.  I would like to find out how the volume can be managed effectively when a way from your device? and secondly is it easy to access parts if it needs repair?

    • Hi Florence! It is important for earphones to have noise-cancelling feature just like this Lightsky Wireless Earbuds especially if you want to not be disturbed. Aside from the HD stereo sound, Lightsky Bluetooth connectivity range can reach up to 33 feet. This device does not have volume control of itself so you cannot change the volume if you cannot reach your phone. So you need to set the volume from your phone prior to going far away from your smartphone. The manufacturer offers 2 years warranty so in case of damage or malfunction, you can contact the seller for replacement. 

  2. Hi Dan, nice thorough review. These have been my experiences when using wired earbuds. The wire gets caught and one or all of  the following occur. Buds pull out of my ears, wire, buds or jack are damaged ruining the player. Frustrating. Might have to give these a try. Any reports of wireless interference?

    • Thanks Bill for sharing your experience about wired earphones. With the latest technology nowadays, everything is turning into wireless from wireless Bluetooth to wireless charging. These wireless devices are worth trying for. 

      Of course, just like in any Bluetooth device, thick walls or objects can interfere with its connectivity. 

  3. This is an amazing earbud. I am also one of those people that love music and can’t do without my ear piece. I have always wanted to make use of a Bluetooth ear piece and your recommendation seems like the perfect choice.

    One thing I don’t like about it is the fact that it lasts for just three hours. It would have been awesome if it stayed longer than that. Also you mentioned it been best suited for recent apple phones. I make use of an iphone6 and was wondering if that would be compatible with it.

    • Hi Jay! The charge can lasts from 3 to 4 hours for continuous call but if you are only listening to music as you have mentioned, it can last up to 10 hours. Calls consume more power since you are transmitting data through the network. Unlike listening to music only. What is meant by compatible with latest Apple phones is that this device can pair even for higher versions of Bluetooth which is common in latest smartphones. So this device is also compatible with iPhone 6. By the way, Bluetooth versions are backward-compatible.

  4. Hey Dan, Thanks for the article! I am always looking for a good set of earphones. I often work at shops and other public places drawing or painting. When I am out and about, I like to have music to listen too when no one is talking to me (or ignoring me LOL!). I do have a pair of big bulky earphones, but they are often a deterrent for people to walk up and statr a conversation. PLUS! They have a wire! This confines me to about 10 ft. I bought a cheap pair of wireless earbuds from a local “dollar store” and well they lasted about 3 days and they quit connecting…Thank you for this review, I will definitely look into maybe buying a pair of these…

    • Hi Jimbo! Thanks for sharing your experience. I personally do not use the bulky earphones especially outside. I prefer the earbuds only that can hide in your ears and since they are lightweight than headphones. Yes, if people see you with bulky headphones on your ears, they will think that you do not want to talk to somebody. The good thing about wireless is that they provide you freedom of movement and free from wire tangles. 

  5. Thanks so much for this review!

    I’ve been trying to decide on what wireless earphones to get for ages but it’s so hard to find some that are reasonably priced and good quality.

    It’s great that it is water/ sweat resistant too because I always wear headphones when I’m running but the wire gets so annoying sometimes. 

    Thanks again


    • Hello Mike! Yes, Lightsky wireless earbuds is recommended for active people who love to exercise because it is sweat-resistant and of course since it is wireless. So you do not have to worry about wires being caught during exercises. 

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